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Two Things I’d Like for My Birthday…

It’s my birthday! Here’s one free gift and one cheap gift you can get me.

The Most Exciting Time Travel Novel Ever Written

SWITCHERS is a unique take on time travel, and a fast-paced adventure sure to please science fiction, horror, and thriller fans.

Special Thanks to My Creative Buddies

Big thanks to my creative friends who helped me get this book out to the public!

How My Book Came to Be (And How to Pre-Order It)

The backstory on how I wrote Switchers, which is available for pre-order exclusively on Amazon Kindle. (Paperback to come.)

Free Digital ARCs of My Book (Who Wants One?!?)

Get a free digital ARC of my book Switchers (available to the masses in June)

I’m looking for a few readers to peek at my upcoming novel, Switchers. If you’d like a digital ARC…holla.