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Horror Author Shawn Burgess Discusses THE TEAR COLLECTOR and Its Prequel SOUR ROOTS (Among Other Things…)

Shawn Burgess author of SOUR ROOTS (a novella prequel to THE TEAR COLLECTOR)

Shawn Burgess is a great writer. Not a bad conversationalist, either. Listen in, you sorry suckers!

SWITCHERS: The Best Summer Sci-Fi Novel of 2022!

switchers by christopher tallon is the best summer read of 2022

Looking for the best summer read of 2022? Try SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon!

“How the f**k did the New York Times find my book? Oops, can I say ‘f**k’?”

TJ Tranchell author

Hey folks! I recently hosted author (among other things…) TJ Tranchell on my podcast, Creative Ops. At one point, he was talking about how the NYT named one of his books the scariest book that takes place in Utah (they did one for every… Continue Reading ““How the f**k did the New York Times find my book? Oops, can I say ‘f**k’?””

A Chat with the “Low Brow Snob”: TJ Tranchell

TJ Tranchell author

Author TJ Tranchell speaks about writing, publishing, editing, teaching, acting, growing up Mormon, horror, movies, and MORE!

Behind “the Process”: 7 Writing Tips from Horror Phenom Jennifer Soucy

Jennifer Soucy novel giveaway!

Horror novelist Jennifer Soucy takes over my blog to give 7 great writing tips! (There’s also a book giveaway!)