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SWITCHERS: An “Elevator Pitch” for My Novel

Just gimme 30 seconds or less to hook you in…
An “elevator pitch” for my scifi/horror novel SWITCHERS.

If ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stranger Things’ had a love child…

Here’s a good book, if, ya know, you like good books.

If I Could Only Ask for One Thing…

This is the only thing I’ll ask for, and it’ll count for my Christmas AND next birthday present. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase…????

Horror Author Shawn Burgess Discusses THE TEAR COLLECTOR and Its Prequel SOUR ROOTS (Among Other Things…)

Shawn Burgess author of SOUR ROOTS (a novella prequel to THE TEAR COLLECTOR)

Shawn Burgess is a great writer. Not a bad conversationalist, either. Listen in, you sorry suckers!

SWITCHERS: The Best Summer Sci-Fi Novel of 2022!

switchers by christopher tallon is the best summer read of 2022

Looking for the best summer read of 2022? Try SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon!