Pens, Horror Authors, & Things That Don’t Make No Dang Sense…

If you like horror, I’ve got an author for you! And if you’re a writer who, like me, writes by hand, of all pens you need this pen!

A Good Thing: Pens

I use a Sharpie S-Gel pen. They write so nice, they never smudge, and, if you get the metal barrel, if has a nice weight to it as well.


Indie Horror Author Spotlight: TJ Tranchell

Horror author T.J. Tranchell

TJ Tranchell is a fantastic writer. I was looking for an editor for my book, Switchers, when someone recommended I read his book before contacting him. I did.

I hadn’t even finished the book before I mentally decided he’d be my guy–if he wanted to do it.

I reached out and the rest, as they say, is history.

TJ Tranchell’s book, Cry Down Dark, was listed by the New York Times as “the scariest book set in Utah.” It’s about a Mormon family tormented by a demon(s). It centers around what the Mormons call “dispossession.” AKA exorcism.

Really great writing, fun subject matter, and, when looked at through a Mormon lens, feels wholly original in a world with lots of exorcism stories floating around.

HIGHLY recommend. I mean, I read it and wanted him to edit my book, so…

A Random Thought

This would be that thing “that don’t make no sense” I referenced in the title. Deal with it:

Tallon Updates

I’m still writing. See:

I’m about done with another notepad, so that’s progress. I also ran out of ink and had to cut my writing time short today to get more.

I’ve also decided my audiobook will NOT be immersive, but traditional. I think immersive for that long would get annoying.

Upcoming Stuff

Please buy it, yo!

I don’t have anything much going on. Just asking people to read my book still. Got paperback and ebooks.

Working on the new book.

Slowly working on the audiobook of Switchers.

Probably not doing any more events until next year. Don’t hold me to that, but as of right now, I got nothing planned, nor am I looking.

That’s about it. I guess you can listen to my podcast if you haven’t already. I’m on hiatus while I finish my literary pursuits, but then I’ll most likely bring it back next year sometime.

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