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A Book with a Body-Swapping, Time-Travel War…

I wrote a book! I have a podcast! I make music! Exclamation points!

Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books

switchers storefront sign

Hey folks! It’s me, the host of Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people), and the author of the surprisingly well received scifi/horror novel Switchers So I’ve been on the news, on a few podcasts, in a magazine, and it’s all been kinda crazy.… Continue Reading “Places I Have (And Will) Sell Books”

Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market

switchers storefront sign

A glimpes of what was going on while I was selling out of my books last weekend!

I’m Gonna Be on TV!


Book Review: “Imagine ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stranger Things’ had a love child but they were never really sure if the real father was ‘Back to the Future’.”

You gotta read this review…