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christopher tallon blog 11/15/2023

I’ve got some really cool, scary, and unique author/book things to share with you. And a fun way to learn the real history you weren’t taught in school. Time looping stories, demonic possession, awards, and indie books in stores and libraries! This’ll be fun.

Ready? Set…GO!

In this blog: Jody J Sperling's The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi; T.J. Tranchell's The Blackhawk Cycle; The Redacted History Podcast; Christopher Tallon thoughts and updates
  1. A Good Thing: REDACTED History (history podcast)
  2. Literary Spotlight: Jody J. Sperling, author of The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi
  3. Random Thought: Vote for Brian Bowyer in the Splatterpunk Awards!
  4. Updates: Switchers is in more places!
    1. And if you’ve already read the book, wouldya do me a favor and review it on Amazon or somewhere?
  5. Upcoming Stuff: TJ Tranchell’s The Blackhawk Cycle

A Good Thing: REDACTED History (history podcast)

If you were like me, you probably said, “Why do we have to learn history?” when you were in high school. As an “adult”–I use that term loosely–I actually love history. Because I keep learning things I never heard or read about in school. Or I learn more about something I first learned about in school. Especially lately with this podcast I’m about to tell you about.

Andre White hosts Redacted History, a podcast that shows you a history you never knew, and digs deeper into the things you thought you knew.

Here are three of my favorite episodes.

Here’s the link to the show on the web:

Here’s one about the brutal way Hawaii was forced to become a state:

Kaʻiulani: Hawaii's Last Princess [REDACTED] History

I learned that emancipation in the US meant all good things from then on. Not quite…

North Carolina’s Darkest Day: The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 [REDACTED] History

This one is about the bombs. You know which ones I mean:

Little Boy & Fat Man: The Atomic Bombs That Shook the World [REDACTED] History

I encourage you to listen more on your own, as there’s a lot of quality content there. Maybe follow the show. Listen right away when new episodes drop.

Click Here for All Episodes of Redacted History!

Literary Spotlight: Jody J. Sperling, author of The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi

This is a really cool book by Jody J. Sperling. The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi is a time-loop murder-mystery. The main character keeps getting killed in pursuit of the truth, only to start over where all the crazy bullshit started.

Jody also has a podcast. I was on it a few times. But you can listen to other episodes, too. I guess.

My first time on we talked about search engine optimization:

SEO with Christopher Tallon TRBM

The next time I told a story on the fly:

Do Scorpions Have Tallons? TRBM

Anyway…back to his book. I loved it. It was weird, scary at times, intense, absurd. It’s about a woman who has to solve a murder because she keeps getting killed. Over and over. Think old-timey-mystery meets Groundhog Day.

Here’s a description from the Amazon sales page:

Luke and Lyle have gotten used to investigating lost pets and cheating spouses.

Then Marva DeLonghi walks into their office. Someone’s out to kill her but her story’s vague.

When a tip from a gambling river rat leads them to a rundown gentleman’s club to question a mysterious suspect named Laser, the night ends fatally for Luke and Lyle.

How then does Luke end up outside her office eavesdropping on Marva propositioning Lyle to find the perp who wants her dead? Was Luke’s death a dream, déjà vu, or something worse?

Amazon product page

Buy Jody J. Sperling’s Books Here!

Random Thought: Vote for Brian Bowyer in the Splatterpunk Awards!

Brian’s a fantastic horror novelist. I recently read Flesh Rehearsal and loved it. Intense; not for everyone. But good if you like scary and disturbing stuff. You can read more about him in my last post: Gratitude, Comedy, Intense Horror, & Making People Cry. You can also shop his books here, AND you can cast a vote for Brian to win a Splatterpunk Award by following the instructions on his tweet (or whatever they’re called now…).

Awards like this really help indie authors get noticed. Believe it or not, some indie’s are doing this as their full-time job. That’s the dream, dude. Helping Brian with this can help a lot more than you know. And it will also help him possibly get more money and time to write.

That’s a win for all of us.

Updates: Switchers is in more places!

Real quick. for those who aren’t familiar with my book:

Switchers is a story about teens who get into a time travel war against their adult selves, and they can only time travel by switching bodies.

-Tallon’s “Elevator Pitch” for Switchers

My book is going to be in Barnes & Noble (here in west Michigan), it’s for sale in Pharmhouse Wellness and Cocoon Art Space, and it’s in a few branches of the Kent District Library.

I saw on the library app that one of my books was in a library I’d never been to, in a strange land called Rockford, Michigan. I’m kidding about it being a strange land. It’s cool. Used to be a small town, now it’s turning into kind of a big suburban area. Cute little library.

Anywho, the app said the library had my book up on a display. I figured, I have some work to do anyway, let’s go work at the library and see the book! And that’s what I did. Watch the video from my IG. IF you’re more of a Facebook kinda person, click on the thumbnail of me doing my best presenter pose.

And if you’ve already read the book, wouldya do me a favor and review it on Amazon or somewhere?

Here’s a few places people go to check book reviews:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Upcoming Stuff: TJ Tranchell’s The Blackhawk Cycle

I talked about TJ Tranchell’s books on a previous post. He’s an amazing writer. I think so and so does the New York Times. So…

He’s my editor, sure, but that’s not why I’m tooting his horn here. I chose him as my editor after someone suggested him to me and after I read a couple of his books. After I saw what he was able to do, I was thrilled to get a chance to work with him.

His writing isn’t has the ability to scare the pants off you, but also to sit and simmer long after you finish reading. I’ve picked up each of his books a few times after the first read through. So good.

Here’s a couple podcast episodes we recorded together. One about his books, one about mine:

Ep.54 | TJ Tranchell – Author of TELL NO MAN (and others…) Creative Ops

Author, Actor, & Academic, TJ Tranchell came on the podcast to discuss his book TELL NO MAN, as well as his writing process, upcoming projects (so exciting!), acting, teaching at a community college, dropping out of school, providing professional writing services, and much more. Check out his website: http://www.tjtranchell.net Buy his books on Amazon, I highly recommend TELL NO MAN. Look for him on Instagram (@t.j.tranchell), Facebook (@TJTranchell), and Twitter (@TJ_Tranchell). Thanks to TJ for the chat, thanks to you for listening in, and HUGE thanks to anyone who will or has left a review AND rating on Apple podcasts or wherever you get the show. Enjoy!

BOOK RELEASE DAY | TJ Tranchell – my editor! Creative Ops

Switchers is available to the masses! And here to discuss this is TJ Tranchell. TJ is an author, professor, and editor. The last one is the focus today as we get together to chat about my book, Switchers, which is available for purchase as of today on E-BOOK as well as PAPERBACK. Go to http://www.christophertallon.com for more about the book, and follow me on any/all of your favorite social media spots @TallonWrites. For more about TJ, visit http://www.tjtranchell.net.

And here’s a little preview of what’s to come, as per the ordering page on TJ’s website:

The Blackhawk Cycle includes the previously published novellas Cry Down Dark, Tell No Man, and The Lamentations of Blackhawk; the short stories “Birthday Boy,” “Epistle to Blackhawk,” “The Last Temptation of Maddie Smith: A Blackhawk Coda;” and the first publications of the novella Do Not Forsake Me and the short story “Heather’s Winter.”

This hardback edition will be limited and will include a dust jacket, full-page illustrations for the four novellas, and half-page illustrations for the short stories for each title page. Each copy will be numbered and signed, with personalization as requested.

And not only that, but if you hurry and order, you might be able to get a character named after you! There are other neat little opportunities for readers over at https://tjtranchell.net, so check it out. I beg of you!

Shop Now for Fun/Scary Reads from T.J. Tranchell!

That’s all I got this time. Look for more to come, with some guest blogs from other awesome authors!

Please follow me here if you want to stay up to date with what happening. Thanks!

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