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The Most Exciting Time Travel Novel Ever Written

SWITCHERS is a unique take on time travel, and a fast-paced adventure sure to please science fiction, horror, and thriller fans.

Free Digital ARCs of My Book (Who Wants One?!?)

Get a free digital ARC of my book Switchers (available to the masses in June)

I’m looking for a few readers to peek at my upcoming novel, Switchers. If you’d like a digital ARC…holla.

Happy New Ye… I mean… Yeah…

Happy New Year!!! I know, I know: It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to 2019. Duh. But I stopped going online–or at least greatly reduced the amount of time I spent online–during the holidays. Why did I do that? Cuz, silly. I… Continue Reading “Happy New Ye… I mean… Yeah…”

Info about my book

I put up a new “about the book” page on the site. It gives a much more attractive explanation of Switchers than I was able to give on a podcast recently. The guys at Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered had me on a few weeks… Continue Reading “Info about my book”

Why do I write Sci-Fi?

On Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered, I was recently asked, “Why science fiction?” It’s a pretty straight forward question. Right? There are lots of good answers. Right? My answer was: “I don’t know.” And I don’t. I didn’t sit down one day and say, OK,… Continue Reading “Why do I write Sci-Fi?”