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If so, you should check out my scifi novel, Switchers. It’s about teens in 1996 who get in a time travel war against their adult selves. The future holds war and a parasitic fungus that threatens to end humanity. The adults find a machine that allows them to go back to 1996, but they have to switch bodies with their younger selves. Hence the title, Switchers.

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Goodreads Reviews

This book was an adventure through time! A group of 90’s preteens are faced with the battle to save humanity. The author excels at introducing the sci-fi elements through character conversation, making it easy to grasp and follow. He creates characters that are both complex and relatable. The descriptions on the page form vivid pictures in the readers’ minds. The pace of the book keeps one going with short chapters that compel the reader to know more.

I definitely recommend this read to lovers of nostalgic works, feel-good friendships, and high stakes circumstances. Similar to the Goonies and the Tomorrow War.

Goodreads review

Switchers, is a book that take us down a dark tunnel with our friends In tow.

The characters will suck you with the adventure book. The book will give whiplash with all its back and fourth between timelines.

Chaos has unfolded following a dare from a group of teenagers friends that seem to get bullied by the local hothead. After that faithful night the world seems twist it’s self into a bunch that they can only figure out how to get out of.

Leading us into a world of a deadly pathogen, seeking the world to consume. The few crusaders, trying survive by jumping timelines to figure out where it all went wrong.

This story reminds me of “12 Monkeys” by Elizabeth Hand

Goodreads review

When I first received this book, I knew I’d be in for a fun ride, but I had no clue just how wild it would be!

A group of teens have a run-in with a couple of bullies which lead them to a creepy abandoned farmhouse. After two of the boys enter said house, shiz gets weird.

Time travel and a bleak future send these kids on an epic journey beyond imagination. I mean, come on… how weird would it be to jump into your adult body and vice versa? *shudders*

These kids/adults are rebelling against some really dark people in power to save not only themselves, but humanity as a whole. Is this small group of Michiganders capable of such a feat?

I am eager to have my hubby and teens read this so we can talk about all the nitty gritty details.

Thank you, Christopher, for this epic adventure. I was charmed by the 90s nostalgia set in my home state. Bravo! You’ve won me over.

Goodreads review
switchers by christopher tallon
ebook version

You can read the e-book FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or purchase the e-book on You can also order a paperback copy of Switchers from Amazon. If you’re type of reader who prefers a signed copy, you can order a signed paperback HERE. I’ll write a little thank you note, too. (You deserve it!)


I appreciate you taking a look. If you do read the book, please leave a review somewhere. Amazon. Goodreads. Bathroom stalls.

It helps me get the book out to more people, and it helps potential readers identify the books they might enjoy. It’s a win-win, folks!

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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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