Brilliant Insights into Books and Marketing: In-Conversation with 3 Author/Podcasters

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On the most recent CREATIVE OPS, I talked with Jody Sperling (The Reluctant Book Marketer) and Kenny MacKay (Author Your Dream). The topic was marketing.

These guys both talk about, to some degree, writing books, but really focus on how to get your book into more readers’ hands. Some of that information comes out in the book. But we also talk about how we might use the information and tricks we’ve learned from promoting books to how we might do a better job promoting our podcasts.

Promoting Each Other

If you’re trying to build an audience…SHARE YOURS WITH SOMEONE ELSE! You’ll give a little of your audience to them (don’t worry, they won’t up and abandon you…), but they will do the same in kind for you. So find someone who does something in a similar vain, and try to work something out with them. How does one do that?

Listen to a Marketing Meeting:

Ep.80 | Jody Sperling & Kenny MacKay – Networking & Marketing Creative Ops

We appreciate you listenening!

Here’s a few episodes of the other fellas’ shows, with some recognizable guests, for you to enjoy! They have really good info, and they put together a nice show.

I like Jody and Kenny (from The Reluctant Book Marketer and Author Your Dream, respectively), and I think you will too.

Listen to These:

SEO with Christopher Tallon TRBM

Christopher Tallon Spoke to me about how he started his Podcast Creative Ops and the associated website and blog to build an audience for his forthcoming novel, Switchers. Chris has Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. If you take one thing from this episode it's to preorder Switchers. Nothing has a bigger impact on a writer's life than preordering his book, and you have that chance from now until June 3rd. So do it. Preorder Switchers today.If you're curious to check any of the movies we mentioned you can pick up a copy of Looper for a fun time travel yarn, or Primer for a more disturbing time travel tale.As always, please join my newsletter for more insights on the marketing mindset you won't find anywhere else and jump over to Patreon where you can support my show for as little as $5.00 a month.Subscribe to my Substack for unparalleled partner content, and follow me on Twitter. Get full access to TRBM at

Using Questions to Grow Your Audience with Jody J. Sperling Author Your Dream

  Asking questions is not just another sales technique. It goes much deeper because when you ask a question and someone answers it, you are building a connection. You can begin a conversation with them and get to know them and allow them to get to know you, which as authors is something we want to do with our audience. As you ask questions and genuinely engage with people you will start to see your audience grow. Highlights 02:15 Jody's Story 05:07 The Reluctant Bookmarketer Podcast 06:53 The reason questions work so well 08:33 Implementing this approach 15:04 Engaging with people who respond 17:18 How do questions help us find our niche 20:14 What do you do with the information you get 23:40 What platforms to use with this 29:01 How to know when you've asked a great question 33:41 Planning your questions 37:58 Jody's most engaging questions 44:19 Are there bad ones to ask 45:33 How to avoid making people feel interrogated 46:16 What happens to people when you ask questions 49:42 Author Action Point   Show Notes: https//  

And check out my thoughts, as a writer, on bookstores…

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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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