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Brilliant Insights into Books and Marketing: In-Conversation with 3 Author/Podcasters

A behind the scenes look at how writers talk about marketing.

Horror Author Shawn Burgess Discusses THE TEAR COLLECTOR and Its Prequel SOUR ROOTS (Among Other Things…)

Shawn Burgess author of SOUR ROOTS (a novella prequel to THE TEAR COLLECTOR)

Shawn Burgess is a great writer. Not a bad conversationalist, either. Listen in, you sorry suckers!

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Switchers by Christopher Tallon

If you like these writers, you’ll like me. (And vice versa, I suppose…)

BOOK RELEASE DAY | TJ Tranchell – my editor!

You can buy my book as of TODAY!

Two Things I’d Like for My Birthday…

It’s my birthday! Here’s one free gift and one cheap gift you can get me.