Fasting, Marketing, & Autographing…Oh My.

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Hey folks!

If you listen to my podcast, Creative Ops, you may have noticed I didn’t release an episode this week. There a few reasons listed in the title, but that first one is the biggie. So I’ll save that for last.

I’ll go in reverse order. (I mean I could go back and change it, but I’m sooooo tired…)


So, as you hopefully know, I wrote a book which published recently. It’s called Switchers and all the info and links for paperback and e-book (including Kindle Unlimited) are right here. There’s even a link to get an autographed copy! Which leads to my first thing: I’ve signed for the first time, a few copies of my book. It kind of blows my mind that people are responding to anything I put out there, but…it’s happening.

Weird, right?


Photo by Dominika Roseclay

I’m a self-published author. But I’m not shouting into a void like, unfortunately, many talented self-published folk.

For example, I’ll be heading around to different indie book stores to peddle my sh*t, but I’ll also be selling at I started this blog when I was still working on my novel. Shortly after that, I started a podcast, which I actually worked pretty hard on over the two and a half years or so. All of these things I did in anticipation of my book coming out into the world. And now that I have a few listeners (and readers, too; I didn’t forget about you!) I did the unthinkable and self-published Switchers. I had some back and forths with agents and small presses, but nothing that worked out in the long run.


So, I’ve been hitting the podcast and blog (as you see) pretty hard trying to push my book. But I might as well push the podcast as well. Here’s the episode that really got me thinking about self-publishing in the first place:

Creative Ops | Ep.45 | A Beginner‘s Guide to Self-Publishing w/ Joshua Marsella Creative Ops

Hey folks! My writing buddies who are farther along in their careers are helping me out with some publishing DOs and DON'Ts. As I get good advice, I'll share it. Here's bits of a phone conversation I had with the amazing Joshua Marsella. So listen up if you're thinking of self-publishing, or if you're curious what goes into it. Follow Joshua Marsella on social media @JoshuaMarsella on Twitter, @joshua_marsella on instagram, and buy his books on his Amazon page! Thanks everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! (Even to the Canadians!)

Here’s a few that recently came out right around the release date with members of my book team:

BOOK RELEASE WEEK | Kirk Ross – My Cover Designer!!! Creative Ops

Kirk Ross designed the cover for my book, Switchers. See the cover and find out more about the book (including where to pick up your e-book or paperback copy) at .   .   . Check out Kirk's podcast, A Talk In The Attic, and watch a comedic edition of this very interview on the A Talk In The Attic's YOUTUBE PAGE! There you can watch all my prior appearances, as well as "Nunzio's Big Night Out" and many other quality episodes. .   .   . Check me out on all social media @tallonwrites, on my website, on Goodreads, and on Amazon.   Later!

BOOK RELEASE DAY | TJ Tranchell – my editor! Creative Ops

Switchers is available to the masses! And here to discuss this is TJ Tranchell. TJ is an author, professor, and editor. The last one is the focus today as we get together to chat about my book, Switchers, which is available for purchase as of today on E-BOOK as well as PAPERBACK. Go to for more about the book, and follow me on any/all of your favorite social media spots @TallonWrites. For more about TJ, visit

And I have a few more of those that I’ll release when I’m done…


OK, so I haven’t eaten any food going on 5 days. I will eat again tomorrow. Today, the last day, I somehow feel really great. The last two days I’ve been cold, tired, and tired.

I’m jumping on this moment of energy to write this. I’m already feeling kinda done. Ha!

Why Am I Fasting?

A little bit for the weight loss. But mainly for all these other reasons:

So, there. You learned something. I’m feeling silly and excited about autographing books, I’m trying to push those bad MFers into the world with all my limited means, and…I’m tired, bruh. This fast is good for me, but I’m ready for some food. Seriously.

K–I’m out.


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