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Hey folks!

To start, here’s a very short promo for my podcast when my guest was Jody Sperling, host of the marketing podcast for writers, Cre8 Collabor8. If you like it, check out his Twitter. (And, obviously, keep reading…)

See/hear more on the Creative Ops YouTube channel!

So, I’m a writer with a podcast…you’re a writer with a podcast…

As you may or may not know (or care…), I host the podcast Creative Ops. It’s a podcast for creative people. Business, movies and tv, podcasters, writers, comedians, artists, and more come on and talk about how their found their groove and what their creative process looks like.

Anywho, I had Jody Sperling on recently. He’s a writer and hosts a podcast called Cre8 Collabor8, which is for writers who either like and/or have to be their own marketers. He gets into social media strategy, writing process, and where/how to promote yourself.

Ep.65 | Jody Sperling – Writer & Host of (The Reluctant Book Marketer) Creative Ops

Jody Sperling was successfully playing the real estate game when he decided to sell his properties one by one and commit to writing and podcasting. Crazy, right? Crazy like a FOX! Jody's podcast, THE RELUCTANT BOOK MARKETER, gives authors, new and experienced, tools to better market their books (thereby doing better business and growing their audience). Get a peek at some of Jody's writing that appeared in BULL called "Valesco". Find Jody on Twitter: @jodyjsperling  .   .   . Thanks for listening! For more info on Creative Ops, OR if you're interested in my novel Switchers, check out all the links and info at http://www.christophertallon.com.

But the podcasting excitement doesn’t stop there…

We were on each other’s podcasts!

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on his podcast after he was on mine.

(Well, technically he interviewed me first, but I beat him to the drop. Mwah-ha-ha!)

Listen as he gets confounded by my lack of knowledge and strange ideas about selling my book in pot shops. And yes, by pot I mean the devil’s lettuce, not a home for a plant.

Do I have no f**king clue what I’m doing, or will he see the method behind my madness?

Listen and hear for yourself:

SEO with Christopher Tallon TRBM

Christopher Tallon Spoke to me about how he started his Podcast Creative Ops and the associated website and blog to build an audience for his forthcoming novel, Switchers. Chris has Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads. If you take one thing from this episode it's to preorder Switchers. Nothing has a bigger impact on a writer's life than preordering his book, and you have that chance from now until June 3rd. So do it. Preorder Switchers today.If you're curious to check any of the movies we mentioned you can pick up a copy of Looper for a fun time travel yarn, or Primer for a more disturbing time travel tale.As always, please join my newsletter for more insights on the marketing mindset you won't find anywhere else and jump over to Patreon where you can support my show for as little as $5.00 a month.Subscribe to my Substack for unparalleled partner content, and follow me on Twitter. Get full access to TRBM at jodyjsperling.substack.com/subscribe

Now go, I beg of you, and check out more of Jody’s podcast at Cre8Collabor8.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back soon! I’d be remiss if I let you go without telling you about my upcoming novel, Switchers, but I’ll make it as quick as possible. (That’s what she said.)

Please pre-order Switchers for your Kindle

Here’s the Goodreads page, Amazon page, and informational page from my site. Thank you for even considering it. It means so much to me. Honestly.

Thank you.

Okey dokey, my people…

I’m out!


Christopher Tallon

Christopher Tallon writes, podcasts, and…wait a second. Are you actually reading this? High five!

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