A Great Podcast for Writers

Hey folks! I just released a podcast with the inimitable Jody Sperling!

See/hear more on the Creative Ops YouTube channel!

We talked about growing up, life struggles, finding your creative voice, and trying to make it as a writer/podcaster.

Listen here:

Ep.65 | Jody Sperling – Writer & Host of Cre8 Collabor8 Creative Ops

Jody Sperling has a really informative AND fun to listen to podcast called Cre8 Collabor8. He talks with guests about marketing and social media practices (among other things) that work to get your book to an audience. Jody is an agented fiction writer with an MFA (masters in fine arts–he can teach college…) in writing. He's from Colorado, but lives with his wife (who is from Chicago (it's a whole thing and we get into it)) in Nebraska, where they're raising their kids to be Cubs fans. Go to http://www.cre8collabor8.com for all things Jody's podcast, and get a peek at some of his writing that appeared in BULL called "Valesco". Find Jody on Twitter: @jodyjsperling  .   .   . Thanks for listening! For more info on Creative Ops, OR if you're interested in my novel Switchers, check out all the links and info at http://www.christophertallon.com.

About Jody Sperling

Jody Sperling hosts cre8 collabor8, a podcast for writers who are into marketing (and more!)
Jody Sperling – writer, Cubs fan, and podcast host

Bio from cre8collabor8 (.com)

Jody Sperling writes fiction. He’s spent twenty years dreaming of the phone call from FSG, accepting his novel for publication, but after landing a literary agent in 2019 and failing to woo publishers, Jody’s dream wilted, and while he never quit writing and reading, by the end of 2021, he’d so completely lost track of his purpose that he’d amassed a portfolio of rental houses and was toying with starting a short-term rental business. Then he had a vision of all the people who, like him, had pursued their dream of publishing only to find themselves disillusioned and defeated. That’s the day he decided to found cre8 collabor8, a podcast and publishing platform designed to help other wrestling writers tell their story, improve their craft, and find a path to publication. Through a creative collaboration, Jody is committed to bringing those like him support, encouragement, income, and most importantly, an audience, because what’s the point of telling a story if nobody’s paying attention?

Listen to cre8 collabor8

Here’s the most recent episodes from Jody Sperling’s podcast cre8 collabor8:

EE-13: Self-Reverence & A Radical Perspective Shift to Help Authors Mindset with Alexandria Thibodeaux cre8 collabor8

Alexandria Thibodeaux has a radical idea: humility is for the birds. Cut it out. She discusses how self-reverence helps writers arm themselves against the inevitable criticism that comes from working in the arts.When you love what she says, check out her website,  and don't forget to preorder the Highly Sensitive Radical Course today.I encourage you to review an earlier episode of the show that deals with the pitfalls of criticism here. And if you absolutely love what we're doing here, sign up for my newsletter.
  1. EE-13: Self-Reverence & A Radical Perspective Shift to Help Authors Mindset with Alexandria Thibodeaux
  2. EE-12: The Unifying Power of Art with Dr. Vincent Bacote
  3. EE-11: From Online Lit Mags to A Jordan Peele Film Option & Big 5 Novel with Leyna Krow
  4. CE-10: How Cleverness Will Hinder Your Marketing Efforts and Alienate Your Audience
  5. EE-10: Using A Blog, SEO, & A Podcast to Effectively Market a Novel with Christopher Tallon
  6. EE-9: Writing & Marketing through Dyslexia with Wally Jones
  7. CE-9: Three Ways To Overcome Writing Setbacks
  8. EE-8: Sell More Books Using TikTok with Katharine E Wibell
  9. EE-7: Hybrid Publishing & Collaborative Marketing with Danny Freeman
  10. EE-6: Discount e-Books for Marketing & Steampunk Fantasy with Adam G. Fleming

Look for me on cre8 collabor8!

Yep, that’s right. Jody had me on his podcast as well, which, he tells me, should be out soon. So subscribe to his podcast and listen to me field some questions for once!

Last thing…


Please. I wrote it just for you! It’s got time travel, a 90s vibe, an apocalyptic future, action, and adventure.

Pre-order SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon. A time travel adventure with a different set of rules than you're used to...


OK, that’s it. For now…


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