Ep.65 | Jody Sperling – Writer & Host of Cre8 Collabor8


Jody Sperling has a really informative AND fun to listen to podcast called Cre8 Collabor8. He talks with guests about marketing and social media practices (among other things) that work to get your book to an audience.

Jody is an agented fiction writer with an MFA (masters in fine arts–he can teach college…) in writing. He’s from Colorado, but lives with his wife (who is from Chicago (it’s a whole thing and we get into it)) in Nebraska, where they’re raising their kids to be Cubs fans.

Go to www.cre8collabor8.com for all things Jody’s podcast, and get a peek at some of his writing that appeared in BULL called “Valesco”.

Find Jody on Twitter: @jodyjsperling 

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Thanks for listening!

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