The Most Exciting Time Travel Novel Ever Written

Hey folks.

I’m a busy guy and I’m sure you have stuff to do besides read this so I’m gonna get right to the point.

I wrote a time-travel adventure novel!

I wrote a novel called Switchers and I think you might like it. Here’s the cover:

Switchers by Christopher Tallon

You’re probably thinking, Why should I buy this? I don’t know anything about it.

Well, here’s a link to the book’s page on my website, where you can see reader responses and book links.

Now you’re probably thinking, I don’t want to click links and shit…

Fine. Be that way. Here’s what others have said about it, followed by a description of the book:


It was the last day of school, in a version of 1996 that very few of us remember. Kurt Stephens and his friends (Andy, Dylan, and Birdie) are enjoying the beginning of summer break and drinking Slurpees. While checking out the abandoned farmhouse behind the 7-Eleven, two bullies sneak up on the guys and jump them. They give Andy a good shiner, then force Birdie—the weakest of the group—into the basement of the creepy house. Once Birdie confirms he’s down there, Andy’s allowed in to go get him. They wait, and wait some more, but hear nothing. Finally, Birdie runs out of the house screaming, “Something happened to Andy!” and speeds off on his bike. When Andy comes out he seems OK, just…different. Before the night’s over, Andy nearly kills one of the bullies, then warns his friends something big is going to happen. Soon. They ask questions, but all he says: “You’ll know it when you see it.”

The next morning, Kurt wakes up to a military airstrike. Andy shows up, oddly unaffected by the frightening levels of panic and chaos building outside, to take Kurt to safety. They journey through the woods, avoiding bomb strikes, patrol helicopters, and gunfire on their way to meet up with Birdie and Dylan. But, to Kurt’s surprise, three girls and one of the bullies from the night before are there as well. Then Andy spills it. He isn’t really Andy; he’s a switcher—an older version of Andy who switched bodies, and places in time, with their Andy. The rest of the assembled group are important to the switchers for reasons unknown to the teens, and are all at once sent to an apocalyptic future with a terrifying, out of control parasitic fungus that threatens to end humanity. But they don’t all arrive at the same location.

From that point on, Kurt and his friends—both old and new—must stay alive, escape the switchers, and find a switching device, all while constantly regrouping and bouncing between two worlds: one where they are older, split up, under attack by multiple factions, and must avoid the parasite; and one where they are together, young, and under attack by a occupying force of malevolent time travelers. The kids must travel time and distance, learning about each other and who they become, who they can and can’t trust, and how to get home before the switching window closes.


So, if you like high quality writing, science fiction, creepy/scary fiction, fast-paced stories, or just anything with time travel (especially if it’s rules you’ve never heard of…), then please:

Pre-Order the novel SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon

You can pre-order the e-book for Kindle HERE, or get the paperback on Amazon starting June 3, 2022.

And while you wait for SWITCHERS

You can listen to me talk to creative people (writers, artists, musicians, etc…) about the creative process on my podcast, Creative Ops:

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Jacqueline Gray Miller is a writer, producer, educator, humanitarian, environmentalist, intimacy coordinator, law scholar, media professional, and a ton of other stuff. You may know her from Roy's Job Fair, the podcast she co-hosts with Roy Wood, Jr. (from two of my favorite shows: The Daily Show and This Isn't Happening), where a group of funny, insightful people (and guests) explore the human condition every week through the prism of employment. Go to Jacqueline's website for blogs, social links, and everything else you'd want and/or need to know: Also, JG wants you to check out Robert Greene! . . . Thanks for listening. For anything else (including my book!) visit:
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Alright folks. That’s it for me. For now…


Christopher Tallon

Christopher Tallon writes, podcasts, and…wait a second. Are you actually reading this? High five!

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