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  • Issue #1 of My “New” Blog/Newsletter

    Issue #1 of My “New” Blog/Newsletter

    Hey everyone! By “new” I mean it’ll be the first post using this format: And I’ll try to settle on a specific day of the week and hit it with some consistency. Before I get started, check out this neat little disclaimer: ***Just a heads up: the links you click are my Amazon Associate links.…

  • The Most Exciting Time Travel Novel Ever Written

    The Most Exciting Time Travel Novel Ever Written

    SWITCHERS is a unique take on time travel, and a fast-paced adventure sure to please science fiction, horror, and thriller fans.

  • Book Recommendations

    What kind of writer would I be if I weren’t also a reader? A terrible one. What a dumb question. And on that note, here are some books I think are pretty special. Sci-Fi Dark Matter by Blake Crouch // This book consumed my every waking thought from start to finish. Congo by Michael Crichton…

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