Special Thanks to My Creative Buddies

I want to use every platform I have at my disposal to let people know how grateful I am for these people for all their help and support getting my book, Switchers:

Big thanks for helping me with the book goes out to Jennifer Soucy (Buy her books!); Brandon Scott (Buy his books!); Kirk Ross (A TALK IN THE ATTIC – YouTube); Joshua Marsella (Buy his books!); TJ Tranchell (Buy his books!); and I mentioned him outside of the above clip, Jason Tieri (Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered), for getting me into podcasting in the first place. Had that not happened, I wouldn’t have met any of these other people. You’re a good dude, Jason.

Listen to the whole episode

(It’s not very long):

Ep.61 | How My Book Came to Be (And How to Pre-Order It) Creative Ops

My book, Switchers, is available for e-book pre-order on Amazon. There are a few reviews up on my Goodreads page. There's also more information about Switchers on my website. Please check out these creative mad-geniuses who helped me in various ways getting this book published: Jason Tieri – Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered Jennifer Soucy – Buy her books! Brandon Scott – Buy his books! Kirk Ross – A TALK IN THE ATTIC (YouTube) Joshua Marsella – Buy his books! TJ Tranchell – Buy his books!

Thanks to all my friends who helped me get this book out!

Thanks for swingin by!


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