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Aw Sh*t, It’s Summer…

Summer time

I used to love the summer. When I was a kid it meant no school, which was awesome. But now that I’m a parent (important to note: one who works from home…) it still means no school. It’s just not as awesome now. Don’t… Continue Reading “Aw Sh*t, It’s Summer…”

A Few Quick Updates

A few updates on the podcast and the creativity enthusiast who hosts it.

The Big Twitter Pitch Contest (A Publishing Update), Upcoming Podcast Stuff, & Whatever Else I Wanna Talk About!

@TallonWrites tweet from #pitmad in March 2021

I did a thing on Twitter, I need people to read my friggin book ova heah, a few podcast updates, and some randomness at the end. WOO!!!!

Happy New Ye… I mean… Yeah…

Happy New Year!!! I know, I know: It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to 2019. Duh. But I stopped going online–or at least greatly reduced the amount of time I spent online–during the holidays. Why did I do that? Cuz, silly. I… Continue Reading “Happy New Ye… I mean… Yeah…”