The Best Podcast Episode of All Time?!?

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

Hey everyone! I was on an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, A Talk in the Attic, the other day. The host, Kirk Ross, and I got along immediately, had a fun conversation, and then made a promo for our fake and/or yet-to-be-made podcast, Trophy Husbands. If nothing else, skip to 1:20:23 for the promo.

Kirk makes a great show. You can find it by searching A TALK IN THE ATTIC on any podcast platform and on YouTube. I highly recommend it for people who like comedy, music, and good production value. His shows remind me a lot of Snap Judgment with the way he audio engineers everything. There’s music, laugh tracks, and he can bend the pitch of your voice when you tell stories to make the voices in the story come to life a bit. He produces music with musicians, talks to comedians, poets, business owners, podcasters, executives…and me!

Very cool stuff. Find the show on Instagram @ATalkInTheAttic, and learn about the host, the inimitable Kirk Ross @kross56.

Or, if you’re one of those Facebook types, please like A Talk in the Attic on Facebook.

It really is a great show, hosted by a cool dude, in a phenomenal studio. The audio is a treat, but the video is really great.

I hope you get a chance to check out the show, whether it’s the episode I was on or not; I’m a huge fan and there’s plenty of good content up.

Go get it!


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