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Podcasting 101 – w/ the Podmaster, Jason Tieri

podcasting how to with jason tieri

Jason Tieri, podcaster and podcast producer, talks all things podcast related.

Talkin Podcasting w/ Jason Tieri from The Gig Economy Podcast

I talked to a dude who knows a LOT about podcasting. We talk shop and give advice to people thinking of starting a podcast. Listen to it. Like now. I dare ya.

All the Podcaster Interviews from Creative Ops

All the podcasters from the Creative Ops interview vault.
Seriously. I have a f–kin VAULT, mofos!

Creative Ops’ Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

Creative Ops podcast logo

Re-listen and see if you agree with the rankings, or use it as a starting point if you’re new to the show!

The Best Podcast Episode of All Time?!?

cover art from the greatest podcast episode of all time

The best podcast in the world had me as a guest! Check out A TALK IN THE ATTIC wherever you get podcasts.