Podcasting 101 – w/ the Podmaster, Jason Tieri

podcasting how to with jason tieri

A Master of the Podcasting Arts

Jason Tieri

Jason Tieri (TEER-ee) is a podcaster and podcast producer from west Michigan. He does other stuff, too, but that’s not why were here. Mind your own business. Sheesh.

Anywho, if you’re a podcaster, you’re thinking about getting into podcasting, or you just like listening to podcasts and want a little peeky-poo at how it’s done, we got you.

Listen to find out what it takes to start a podcast, some techy/gear advice, a few how-to’s to keep you going, and and a whole mess of other stuff, including how you know when it’s time to end a podcast. The good news for potential podcasters who are on the reluctant side…

Hey Guys Media Group Helps People Make Podcasts

Jason and a small crew run Hey Guys Media Group, and we recorded this episode at their studio. Click the Hey Guys link to learn more about them and the podcast services the offer. They’re fan-friggin-tastic. Ranging from consulting you on stuff, all the way to full service editing, streaming, and all that jazz. They’ll help you make your podcast, and they won’t make you feel dumb if (realistically when) you have questions and/or make mistakes.

Listen to Jason Tieri (host of The Gig Economy Podcast & producer at Hey Guys Media Group) right here!

Creative Ops is available on all podcast platforms, but you can also listen to it on the player below:

Ep.97 | Jason Tieri – Podcaster Extraordinaire Creative Ops

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