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SWITCHERS: Buying my book is a gift for TWO people!

It is! For whomever receives the book, but also to me. It’s a scifi/horror novel with time travel! Here’s the full pitch. It’s called Switchers, and that’s the last I’ll say about it. So this holiday season, make two people happy with one purchase!… Continue Reading “SWITCHERS: Buying my book is a gift for TWO people!”

Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily. (I f#@ked Up…)

LISTEN NOW! My apologies to Dean from the band Bedroom Ceilings (check them out on Facebook and Instagram), and Emily of Emily’s Book Nook (YouTube). I didn’t give Dean credit for his interview in Ep.73, and I mailed Emily a book but forgot to… Continue Reading “Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily. (I f#@ked Up…)”

SWITCHERS: The Best Summer Sci-Fi Novel of 2022!

switchers by christopher tallon is the best summer read of 2022

Looking for the best summer read of 2022? Try SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon!

Free Scifi/Horror Book until Midnight Tonight

Switchers by Christopher Tallon; e-book

My book is free until midnight. If you read it, please review it as many places as you can. Thank you. You’re helping me live the dream and I love you for it. ✌🏼

My Day Selling Books Behind a Dispensary…

SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon

I sold books behind a pot shop. But you don’t have to go to the back of the pot shop to get a signed copy!