Free Scifi/Horror Book until Midnight Tonight

Switchers by Christopher Tallon; e-book

I wasn’t sure at first whether to capitalize ‘until’ in the title. Because it can be a preposition or a conjuction. A preposition doesn’t get capitalized unless it is the first or last word in a title and/or subtitle. A conjuction…well, my friend–that sh*t gets capitalized like a mofo.


Aaaaaanyway. Here’s a link to the book info and places you can order it!

My Book, Switchers, Is Free until Midnight Tonight!

Yep. See, Amazon lets us authors do 5 days of free giveaways. You can use them one at a time, in bunches, or all at once. But you only get 5. So I’m using mine sparingly to spark some movement here and there.

There. There’s the insider scoop. It’s all marketing and promotion. Is that what ya wanted to hear?!?

I mean…it is, though. I don’t love doing it. Neither the task part nor the way pimping yourself feels. I dunno, maybe some people like it. Feels kinda gross to me, but the alternative is that people just won’t read the book. I’d rather feel a little icky and actually get the book into your hands than you never hear about it.

Ya feel me?

A Brief Synopsis of Switchers by a Professional Voiceover Artist

Turn the sound on, grandma! The sound! You won’t…No. No. No, you gotta turn the sound on!

OK, now push play.

(Read by comedian/entertainer/voice-artist Mike Logan)

That’s straight off the back of my beautifully designed book cover, big props to Kirk Ross, art director over at A Talk In The Attic [sic].

([sic] is the scholarly way of saying, “They did something grammatically and/or syntactically that’s wrong, or misspelled something, but we’re gonna keep it the way they said it, but we want you to know that we know that it’s technically incorrect. (I think it’s Greek, or some sh*t… (And honestly, he might not spell it wrong. (I’m too lazy to check right now. (Hey, at least I’m doing this!)))))

If you DO grab a free copy of my book, Switchers

More important to me than money right now is sustaining an actually career in bookselling. I’m working on another one now. Something you can do that will go a lot farther than the few cents I get in paperback royalties when you order one of those:

Rate and review the book on as many places as you can!

And while you’re here, listen to my podcast, Creative Ops:

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K, thanks for peeking at my book. You have yourself a merry little whatever day this is.


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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