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My podcast (Creative Ops) has been going well. I’m working on uploading all the episodes to the new YouTube channel. Might even start putting some short videos on over the next several weeks. Who knows? Almost done with a big podcasting push that I won’t do again for a minute. I’ve been doing a podcast every week this month, rather than the usual two. And I was a guest on a podcast. Invited to return as a guest on another. Before I can do that, I have a few blogs to do professionally (obviously not this one, LOL), and I’m still writing my next novel, which I’m excited about–it’s about a girl who has some weird, supernatural powers, but only when she’s asleep….

Twitter pitch for my novel Switchers

Still haven’t gotten any forward traction on getting Switchers published, but, because of the podcast, I haven’t been pushing hard on the gas as far as acquiring literary representation is concerned. But now that I’m almost done with my podcast push for March, I’m really excited to do a writing weekend.

A writing weekend is exactly what it sounds like. But I have kids, you see. Little ones. Well, not so little, but small enough that they need and/or want Dad enough that it’s hard to get creative work done. I do my blogs and podcast stuff during the day, then clean up a little around the house, maybe go for a run or walk. Then there’s people around. So the writing weekend, for me, means getting away.

I usually do it at a friend’s house. My wife looked into cheap rentals when I was close to getting Switchers done, so I could spend hours working on it for the final push. Which I didn’t do, but I love my wife for being the most supportive writer’s-spouse in literary history. Note to young writers, find someone who thinks you’re talented (well, work to get talented too…) and believes in aaaaaand gives you a little push once in awhile.

Wouldn’t be half as badass without her. Mwah!

If you’re reading this wondering, I wonder if he’d let me read his book…, the answer is yes. I will. Contact me if you’d like to see what I keep going on about.

And thanks to Jeff M. hitting the show up on www.buymeacoffee.com. It’s much appreciated!

So yeah, I’ll be heading out for a day or two soon(ish) to try to get into the middle of my next story! On a fresh new notebook, and I’m excited to see how big a dent I can make without any distractions.



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