Dante Cope does EVERYTHING!

Dante Cope aka Brandon Copeland

Ep.84 | Brandon Dante Copeland does EVERYTHING! Creative Ops

Some call him Brandon, some call him Dante, some call him Dante Cope. I’ll introduce him by his full legal name, you call him want you want, I guess…

Dante Cope aka Brandon Copeland
photo by Mojet Photography

Brandon Dante Copeland is a multi-talented musician (mainly sax, but other wind instruments, too), beat maker, rapper, producer, who also plays guitar, keys, and a little drums. Originally from Jackson, MI, he now lives in Grand Rapids and is a key member of the artistic and musical community. He also hosts art, music, and community events in the downtown GR area. A very cool guy doing very cool things.

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Come to the 106 Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI, Thursdays thru mid-December 2022 (Except Thanksgiving, duh…) for THE THING TO DO THURSDAYS!!!

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Catch up with the man here:

IG: @dantecope

FB: @dantecope

Twitter: @dantecope

Spotify: Les Créatif

Apple Music: Dante Cope; Les Créatif


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