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Playing to Your Creative Strengths

Derek Mohr and Christopher Tallon on Creative Ops

I talked to a creative fella named Derek Mohr the other day on my podcast: Derek Mohr on Creative Ops We talked about how he turned a talent for drawing into a career of computer-based art and design. Derek and I discuss going to… Continue Reading “Playing to Your Creative Strengths”

Chatting w/ Derek Mohr – Developer, Designer, Artist, & Good Dude

My latest podcast is out with guest Derek Mohr, a designer, developer, artist, creative, and overall good dude.

Creative Ops | Ep.21 | Randi Ford – Art, Entrepreneurship, & Flow

An original Randi Ford painting

Randi Ford joined me on Creative Ops, Episode 21, to talk about her amazing art!

Creative Ops | Ep.9 | Zach Snyder – Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator

Zach Snyder joined me to talk about art, creativity, style, and his process.