So Fortunate to Talk to All These Amazing People

I really am.

If you didn’t know, I have a podcast called Creative Ops. I talk to people about creativity, their creative journey, and their creative process.

It started at the beginning of the pandemic and turned into something I never expected. I talk to all kinds of people, really anyone I deem “creative”. Some business people, some comedians, musicians, podcasters, marketers, event people, movies and television folk.

All kinds of people. And lately I’ve been fortunate to land some amazing guests.

Most recently I spoke to Jacqueline Gray Miller, known best perhaps as the co-host of Roy’s Job Fair alongside Roy Wood, Jr. She’s a writer, producer, professor, intimacy coordinator on film sets, legal scholar, former politician and government worker, and so many other friggin things. I highly recommend listening to her on my podcast. She’s a great conversationalist.

Ep.81 | Jacqueline Gray Miller – Writer, Producer, & Creative Chameleon (So Many Things…) Creative Ops

Jacqueline Gray Miller is a writer, producer, educator, humanitarian, environmentalist, intimacy coordinator, law scholar, media professional, and a ton of other stuff. You may know her from Roy's Job Fair, the podcast she co-hosts with Roy Wood, Jr. (from two of my favorite shows: The Daily Show and This Isn't Happening), where a group of funny, insightful people (and guests) explore the human condition every week through the prism of employment. Go to Jacqueline's website for blogs, social links, and everything else you'd want and/or need to know: Also, JG wants you to check out Robert Greene! . . . Thanks for listening. For anything else (including my book!) visit:

And listen to Roy’s Job Fair. It truly is one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

I also recently talked to a handful of writers. One in Nebraska, one in England, one in Florida (who then went to England), and one in California who just happens to be Hugh Hefner’s son. Yes. We talked about it.

Ep.80 | Jody Sperling & Kenny MacKay – Networking & Marketing Creative Ops

Three podcasts are represented on this one: The Reluctant Book Marketer, Author Your Dream, and (duh…) Creative Ops. Jody Sperling, Kenny MacKay, and I let you in on a marketing meeting between podcasters. Jody and Kenny are both in the business of helping authors grow their audience. Now we're trying to grow our own. . . . Jody Sperling, THE RELUCTANT BOOK MARKETER @jodyjsperling on Twitter and Instagram  . . . Kenny MacKay, AUTHOR YOUR DREAM @PodcastAuthor on Twitter; @author_your_dream on Instagram . . . Get my book, follow me on the interweb, and see who's been on the show at  

Ep.77 | Shawn Burgess, horror writer and author of THE TEAR COLLECTOR and its new prequel SOUR ROOTS Creative Ops

Shawn Burgess is a horror writer from Jacksonville, FL. His first novel is The Tear Collector. I read it. It's fantastic. You should, too. He just release a prequel and has a sequel coming out in the fall of '22. This should be in your TBR (to be read) pile. Listen to us talk about horror as a genre, how we approach writing, and you might just catch the exact moment where we officially became friends… Thanks for listening, folks. Thanks for coming on, Shawn. . . . Here's Shawn's Socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter . . . Here's Shawn's Links: Visit! Get his book Buy THE TEAR COLLECTOR here! Free e-book link for SOUR ROOTS . . . From Christopher Tallon (Host): Thanks for listening. I appreciate you. And thanks for spreading the word, subscribing to the show, and supporting me and my guests on social media. All music is by me, except the end song HAHAHA, which is by Kirk Ross, using samples from Creative Ops. Thanks Kirk! I write blogs, books, and do social media stuff. Here's proof: My Novel | Goodreads | Twitter | FaceBook | Instagram | TikTok | Podcast . . . Thanks! -CT

Ep.78 | Marston Hefner – Author of ”High School Romance” Reflects on Writing, Gaming, and His Famous Last Name Creative Ops

Marston Hefner (yes…son of Hugh Hefner) is an extremely talented writer. His upcoming book of flash fiction is called High School Romance. I was fortunate to get an advanced copy. It's fantastic. Yes, you get an insight into the private lives of famous people, but more than that, you get to see them as real people. And you get to see straight up fiction that ranges from avante garde to offbeat science-fiction/romance and many things in-between. . . . Check out Marston online: | Twitch | YouTube | Twitter . . . Get more info AND buy his book HERE . . . See Marston read live: September 1 at Book Soup in Los Angeles: September 8 at Stories Books in Los Angeles:   . . . Thanks for listening. Stop by for my book info, social links, a blog, and more. See ya later!  

Alrighty then. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a creative day!


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

I don’t mind the sun sometimes / The images it shows / I can taste you on my lips / And smell you in my clothes

Cinnamon and sugary / And softly spoken lies / You never know just how you look / Through other people’s eyes

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