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Independent Authors of the Future!

independent authors

Listen to a few interviews with some of the best working indie writers before you buy their phenomenal books!

Behind "The Process": Writerly Wisdom from an Amazing Author–Jennifer Soucy!

Hey folks, I did my first podcast interview of the quarantine era. We had to do it all remotely–producer in the studio, me at home, the guest at home, all connecting on a streaming app. Not the ideal way to connect, but, given our… Continue Reading “Behind "The Process": Writerly Wisdom from an Amazing Author–Jennifer Soucy!”

Classic Author Interviews: Christopher Tallon’s All-Time Favorites

What’s up, folks? Glad you’re here. Yesterday I wrote a post that referenced an author interview. In thinking more about that post, I consider it a mistake that I didn’t put a link to that interview in the post. I thought about going back… Continue Reading “Classic Author Interviews: Christopher Tallon’s All-Time Favorites”

Author Talk: An Interview with RK Holliday

Howdy folks! I’m really excited to share with you guys the highlights from an interview I did with author RK Holliday. He’s a super nice guy and author of two books–The Edifice, a middle-grade fantasy/sci-fi novel; and Alone Together: Why Your Kids Are Watching… Continue Reading “Author Talk: An Interview with RK Holliday”