Two Things I’d Like for My Birthday…

Hey folks.

You may know that I’m a writer and a podcaster. You may also have guessed from the title that today (May 19) is my birthday. As such, here are two things you can do for my birthday gift, if you felt so inclined. One costs money, the other is free, and you can do either/or. Or neither, ya silly goose.

Rate My Podcast

If you have an iPhone, go to PODCASTS and search “CREATIVE OPS”. Open the show, rate it out of 5 stars, and write a short review. Even if it’s a simple sentence.

Why? Well, because Apple notices when people leave reviews. When Apple notices, it’s more likely to show it to other people. So by rating and reviewing the podcast, you’re kind of helping me spread the word.

And I appreciate that.

Buy My Book

It’s called Switchers and it’s about teens in 1996 who face off against malevolent time travelers in a fight for their lives. And some of the time travelers are older versions of themselves. (No, it’s not a true…ya know what, sure, it is a true story (all the more reason to buy it (ya silly goose)).)

Anyway, the e-book presale is on and it’s less than $5 (at least for now).

If you like thrillers, scifi, and/or horror, I think you’ll be glad you read this one.

Alright folks. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast!

SWITCHERS RELEASE CELEBRATION | Brandon Scott, my super-talented writer buddy & supporter Creative Ops

Hey everyone! This is the last "book celebration" episode. After this it's back to normal. On that note, go to for info, Amazon links, and even links for signed copies! You can hit the social links, too, and reach out that way. Aaaaaanyway–here's my writer buddy for today's episode… .  .  . Brandon Scott is a talented author of wonderfully weird tales that do a bit of genre bending, leaning heavy on the horror and dark fantasy. He wrote the Vodou series and is in several short story anthologies. You can see (and buy) all his work on the Brandon Scott Amazon page.  Also look for him on: Twitter: @BrandonScott_AU Facebook:
  1. SWITCHERS RELEASE CELEBRATION | Brandon Scott, my super-talented writer buddy & supporter
  2. BOOK RELEASE WEEK | Jennifer Soucy – awesome writer, great giver of notes, and a badass lady!
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If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Goodreads, hit me up on the links under my picture down below. (Ya silly goose.)


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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