Two Things I’d Like for My Birthday…

Hey folks.

You may know that I’m a writer and a podcaster. You may also have guessed from the title that today (May 19) is my birthday. As such, here are two things you can do for my birthday gift, if you felt so inclined. One costs money, the other is free, and you can do either/or. Or neither, ya silly goose.

Rate My Podcast

If you have an iPhone, go to PODCASTS and search “CREATIVE OPS”. Open the show, rate it out of 5 stars, and write a short review. Even if it’s a simple sentence.

Why? Well, because Apple notices when people leave reviews. When Apple notices, it’s more likely to show it to other people. So by rating and reviewing the podcast, you’re kind of helping me spread the word.

And I appreciate that.

Buy My Book

It’s called Switchers and it’s about teens in 1996 who face off against malevolent time travelers in a fight for their lives. And some of the time travelers are older versions of themselves. (No, it’s not a true…ya know what, sure, it is a true story (all the more reason to buy it (ya silly goose)).)

Anyway, the e-book presale is on and it’s less than $5 (at least for now).

If you like thrillers, scifi, and/or horror, I think you’ll be glad you read this one.

Alright folks. Don’t forget to listen to the podcast!

Ep.99 | Trino – Magic in the Golden Age of Entertainment! Creative Ops

"Trino the Magician" is the coolest. A super nice guy, talented, ambitious, and laser focused. You're going to want to get up and go do something cool after you listen to this. And you might have an itch to see a magic show. If so, check out for info on Trino's monthly show "AMAZE & AMUSE", as well as anything else he might be up to. If you're the social media type, Trino is @trinomagic on most platforms. Also check out Luc's Light, a youth music and arts foundation set up in memory of Trino's brother. . . . Thanks for stopping in. Go to for more on the show and its host, check out Christopher Tallon online @tallonwrites on social media, and make sure to read and review his novel Switchers. Go be creative!
  1. Ep.99 | Trino – Magic in the Golden Age of Entertainment!
  2. Ep.98 | Abbey Hunter – Death & Coffee
  3. Ep.97 | Jason Tieri – Podcaster Extraordinaire
  4. Creative Ops FM
  5. Ep.96 | ZERO – Reigning Beat Battle Champion (Woo!!!)
  6. Ep.95 | Jody J Sperling – Author of ”THE 9 LIVES OF MARVA DELONGHI” & Host of TRBM
  7. Ep.94 | David Hayward (aka The Naked Pastor)
  8. Ep.93b | Mike Salt -horror author & neat fella
  9. Ep.93 | Mike Salt, horror author and cool dude
  10. Ep.92 | Inside the Box, But off the Wall (Science-Backed Ways to Boost Creativity)

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Goodreads, hit me up on the links under my picture down below. (Ya silly goose.)


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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