Books That Rock, What I’m Currently Reading, & A Video to Inspire Creativity

Hey there campers!

How’s everybody doing? It was rhetorical…

Anyway, I’d like to tell you about a few books that rocked my damn socks off.

Recommended Reading:

Tell No Man by TJ Tranchell

No crosses. No holy water. No Latin. Just white shirts and black ties…

When Maddie Smith, a single Mormon mother, receives a foreclosure notice, she begins looking for a new home. While her sons Brandon and David stay home, Maddie explores an old sandstone house in Blackhawk, Utah. The house, however, has never really been empty. There’s a painting Maddie shouldn’t have seen and something else alive in the house. Something that goes home with her.

Mormons don’t practice exorcisms like the Catholics do, but Maddie’s bishop, Blaine Griffen, and his former mission companion, Rey Montoya, saw something like this in 1973. Forty-five years ago, they failed to save a young woman from Hell. Now, they have a second chance.

The strength of a single mother tested, the faith of devoted authorities challenged, the love of sons for their mothers confronted. And a biblical command to TELL NO MAN what has occurred, lest they not believe.

This book is scary immediately. Great characters, well written, fun pace, awesome read. It’s fun to see an exorcism that isn’t catholic for once! Read this and try not to think about it while you’re falling asleep. I double dog dare ya.

Demon in Me by Jennifer Soucy

Layla survived years of addiction, burying the most traumatic recollections of her past. She escaped Hell, slapped a tourniquet on her toxic memories, and found a measure of peace as a drummer in Las Vegas. Ten years later, she’s finally moved on…until she’s called home to Connecticut, a last plea from her dying mother.

Back to Blackpool, where her estranged family awaits alongside her old enemies. The trip awakens her inner demons, voices who warn that history may repeat itself. A new cycle of violence begins, echoing events Layla barely escaped once. The voices urge her to fight, reminding her of wrongs that were never made right. If she gives in, she may lose both her sanity and her soul…a steep price to save a family who’d given up on her once.

Layla’s reached a crossroads, a choice between an insatiable thirst for vengeance or forgiveness for those who harmed her. But some crimes are unforgivable, and some wounds refuse to be forgotten.

This book is fun for me because it’s heavily influenced by music. It starts out, like many of her stories, very realistic and slowly makes you wonder what the f**k is going on. She writes beautifully, has deep and interesting characters, and you can’t stop thinking about it after. I was actually re-reading this book while I was waiting for these next to in the mail. That’s something I don’t do often, so…high praise!

Scratches by Joshua Marsella

A mother and son with a strained relationship inherit a house following the sudden death of a family member with a violent past. When the son moves his bedroom into the basement he starts to experience unexplainable and terrifying phenomena. After he uncovers a dark secret concealed within the house, they quickly learn that some truths are better left a mystery. Can they overcome their differences in order to survive or will the darkness overcome them both?

“Horrors abound in this unnerving and challenging debut novella by Joshua Marsella. Scratches shines a light on what makes monsters of men and women, deftly revealing that the robbing of innocences has life changing and life destroying consequences.” – Ross Jeffery (Bram Stoker Nominated Author)

This book doesn’t have a “good place to stop” anywhere in it. I read it in two sittings. Would’ve been one but, ya know…kids and whatnot. I have the sequel (technically prequel) as well, but I wanted to start this next one first.

The Tear Collector by Shawn Burgess

When a young autistic girl goes missing from a small Appalachian community, the residents of Harper Pass descend into chaos. Brooks Raker and his friends stumble across the police investigation, and as they dig deeper into the mysterious events, the boys realize the fate of their missing classmate pales in comparison with the evil lurking in the shadows of the quiet little town.

With four boys who believe something sinister is at work, and an ambitious reporter breathing down his neck, Detective Holt of the Harper Pass Police Department must confront his doubts and follow the evidence. A chain of disappearances and suspicious deaths, leads Holt to the doorstep of the mysterious and reclusive Professor Wadlow who may know exactly what has come to collect in Harper Pass.

Can the detective and the boys work together to unravel the dark secrets of Harper Pass before those secrets devour them all?

I’m not far enough into this one to say much except that the first few dozen pages are great. I’ll try to remember to follow up when I finish it.

A Video about Creativity

I know I’ve written about this very topic before, but here’s a video that covers the idea that keeps coming up with guests on my podcast–the way school fails to acknowledge, reward, and encourage creativity. And how to get back what you’ve lost or feel you never had. (You did, you just might not remember. Go get it back!)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you check out those books. For real. They’re the sh*t.

Take it easy now!


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