5 of the Best Podcasts from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hey folks,

If you’re looking for podcasts in the Grand Rapids, MI, area, look no further. There’s tons of creative and talented people in this area. Here’s a podcasts that cover different themes and topics:

Grand Rapids Podcast #1: Creative Ops

OK, I gotta start with mine, right? I talk to creative people from around the country, and a few specifically local to west Michigan. The only requirement to being on the show is that you have to do something creative. I’ve talked to musicians, writers, comedians, people who work behind the scenes in film and television, gamers, business owners, artists, and more. The idea is to entertain, inform, and inspire others to be more creative by demystifying the creative process by getting to know the creative people that do awesome things around us.

Ep.92 | Inside the Box, But off the Wall (Science-Backed Ways to Boost Creativity) Creative Ops

  1. Ep.92 | Inside the Box, But off the Wall (Science-Backed Ways to Boost Creativity)
  2. Ep.91 | Jason Demmon: music, creativity, cancer, & cannabis
  3. 2022 Wrap-Up & Updates (And a New Song!)
  4. Ep.90 | Marcel ”Fable” Price – A Shameful Showing from the Kent County Commissioners Board
  5. Ep.89 | Mallory Shotwell – Founder and Director of CULTIVATE on local art, community, ”making it”, & marketing
  6. Ep.88 | The End of Creative Ops(?) – w/ commentary by his holiness, Kirk Ross
  7. Ep.87 | Brennen Matthews – Author of ”Miles to Go: An African Family in Search of America Along Route 66”
  8. Ep.86 | Josh Adams is funny as f–k!
  9. Ep.85 | Andrea Shaner – How to Be on TV!
  10. Ep.84 | Brandon Dante Copeland does EVERYTHING!

Grand Rapids Podcast #2: A Talk in the Attic

Hosted by the mutli-talented Kirk Ross, who also designed my book cover!

A Talk in the Attic one is great because it has an accompanying YouTube page.

“Why is that so great? Lots of podcasts have a YouTube page…”

Yeah, but this one is a separate experience from just listening. Sometimes Kirk does animations or uses other special effects to create a visual experience that stands alone from the listening experience.

(And you can record in The Attic…for a price. It’s a full-service podcast studio, with video capabilities.)

I highly recommend. Start with one of my appearances. Or don’t. But do.

judging a book by its cover w/ CHRISTOPHER TALLON A Talk in the Attic

RYAN MILLER, Cannabis Photographer A Talk in the Attic

  1. RYAN MILLER, Cannabis Photographer
  2. boxing box: curated gifts for your servants
  3. let's talk santa
  4. 'twas the game before christmas
  5. warm christmas
  6. snowmageddon
  7. an airing of grievances
  8. the bathroom attendant
  9. kirk has been replaced by a.i.
  10. MARCEL 'FABLE' PRICE on The Emory Arts & Culture Hub

Grand Rapids Podcast #3: Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

This podcast will always be special to me because it was the first podcast (mine or otherwise) that I was ever on. They were fairly new, met me and found out I was writing a book, and had me on to talk about it. They also had me write SEO for them for a little while, which led to some other opportunities. They took a chance on me for no good reason and helped me start my podcast. And guested on it a few times. Check these guys out if you wanna hear 2 dudes talk about the real life stuff that most people keep off their social media.

This podcast is under the Hey Guys Media banner, which is one of the best studios on the planet.

Ep. 176 || Mike’s unfiltered thoughts about author Christopher Tallon Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

Ep. 205 Jason Resigns from Lucrative Career; Mike’s Quest for Expensive Workout Gear; Jason Implores Mike to Be a Pastor to Him Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

  1. Ep. 205 Jason Resigns from Lucrative Career; Mike’s Quest for Expensive Workout Gear; Jason Implores Mike to Be a Pastor to Him
  2. Ep. 204 Mike Decides to Become a Libertarian after a Gas Stove Debate; Jason is a Rock Star Bus Driver; And Jason Gets Hit by a Car…AGAIN
  3. Ep. 203 Uncovering the Truth About an Orthodontist: A 39-Hour Journey to Recovery and a Deep Dive into Ottawa County's Corruption
  4. Ep. 202 Mike and Jason lose their cool; Jason was weirded out during Mike’s special moment; And a Ben update
  5. Ep. 201 Jason Wants Meaghan to Make Friends; Natalie and Meaghan Set the Record Straight…Again; And You Will Never Guess Mike’s Favorite Holiday Food
  6. Ep. 200 Celebrating 13,000+ Minutes of Unfiltered Dialogue; Should Jason and Mike Start an Only Fans; and Jason Has a BIG Announcement
  7. Ep. 199 Mike's Been Getting Attacked at Night; Jason is the Dad of the Year; The Office for the Win
  8. Ep. 198 Jason Meets Mike’s Mom; Mike Conquered COVID; And Dealing with Election Stress
  9. Ep. 197 Meaghan joins Jason because Mike has the vid, Jason has a new job and not so great blood work.
  10. Ep. 196 Half Marathon Results; Jason's Work Frustrations; And is Jason Really Done with Therapy

Grand Rapids Podcast #4: The Gig Economy Podcast

The Gig Economy Podcast is THE go-to podcast for anyone who does gig work. These guys have walked dogs, delivered food, driven people, and just about any other app-based job. They know the ins-and-outs because they’ve done the work.

Listen for tips, news relevant to gig work, and other tidbits that will have you earning the most money possible for the time you’re putting in.

This show is also under the Hey Guys Media banner. Good peeps over there.

Episode #129 The Tesla-Driven Dad: Navigating the Gig Economy with Style and Success The GIG Economy Podcast

  1. Episode #129 The Tesla-Driven Dad: Navigating the Gig Economy with Style and Success
  2. Episode #128 Safety tips for women in ubers, doordash has destroyed my love life and much more.
  3. Episode #127 Gig Economy B Side with Lyfting with Larry
  4. Episode # 126 Amazon says "Thanks" Uber fuel help is gone and Walmart drones are back!
  5. Interview with Sipzee, Make money returning cans and bottles!

Grand Rapids Podcast #5: The MiBiz Podcast

The MiBiz Podcast gives some insight into the business scene in Grand Rapids, MI, and my friends at Hey Guys Media do the post-production on it, so you know it sounds as good as it gets.

Episode 19: The Diatribe MiBiz Podcast

  1. Episode 19: The Diatribe
  2. Episode 18: Reimagining Women’s Health Care
  3. Episode 17: The "Black Napkin" of Burgers and Fries
  4. Episode 16: Growth Over Time: A Cannabis Success Story
  5. Episode 15: For the Love of Startups

I hope you found something new to listen to when you’re out doing your thing.

Take care, everybody.


christopher tallon switchers

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

And in the end / The love you take

Is equal to the love / You make

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