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New to the Podcast?

Some episodes to listen to if you’re new to the show (or just waiting for me to come back from vacation)

Recommended Reading

Christopher Tallon reading SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon

Yo. It’s been a summery month so far. Did some camping. A little traveling. Saw some family. Announced a little break from the podcast: As I stated in the podcast, I was overwhelmed with all the stay-at-home dadding, writing here and there, doing the… Continue Reading “Recommended Reading”

7 Best VISUAL Podcast Episodes Out There

a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world

7 Podcast episodes you’ll want to not only hear but WATCH! Then get ready for a new one on FRIDAY!!!

Most Downloaded Podcasts of 2022

Creative Ops': the Complete Guest List

We’re having a big year! Check out the most downloaded episodes of Creative Ops since the beginning of 2022.

A Podcast for Creative People

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people. What does that mean? Well, it means that the host (me) is a creative person. For example, I play a few different musical instruments, which helps when in making the all original music on the show.… Continue Reading “A Podcast for Creative People”