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5 of the Best Podcasts from Grand Rapids, Michigan

There are (at least) 5 podcasts in Grand Rapids worth taking a look at. Peep this…

Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2022

The most downloaded episodes of 2022. The most downloads by states and countries, too.

Until 2023…

christopher tallon switchers

2022 is over already? Hot damn!
A look back at the podcast, updates on the future of my fiction and the show. Check it the f–k out!

The Best of Grand Rapids, MI

grand rapids michigan events in july

So much awesomeness in one S’medium-sized city!

Creative Direction from Creative People

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people to talk about their creative roots and process

All the guests, broken down by creative category, AND a place to listen to as many as you want, all in one cozy, convenient spot?!?
Is it your birthday? Oh well, happy day to you!