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5 Podcast Episodes You Should Hear!

Hey folks, (You can read along or skip to the list.) As you may know, I’m the creator and host of Creative Ops. I posted 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of All Time. This in turn led to more downloads for the shows the already… Continue Reading “5 Podcast Episodes You Should Hear!”

Ep.55 | Creative Ops 2nd Birthday – Recaps, Teasers, and News About My Upcoming Book

Creative Ops podcast logo

Happy birthday to the show!
Happy birthday to the show!
(And other stuff, too.)

Creative Ops | Ep.33 | Mike Logan – ADD & Homegrown Weed

a podcast for creative people, by creative people

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-rxpbh-10ae25b Hey folks! Here’s the show notes from my most recent episode of Creative Ops (A Podcast for Creative People, by Creative People): Got to sit down with the Ice Cold Comedian, Mike Logan…IN HIS HOUSE! (He’s got a bad leg at the moment,… Continue Reading “Creative Ops | Ep.33 | Mike Logan – ADD & Homegrown Weed”

7 Podcasts You Need to Listen To

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