Art Market at the Pot-Shop Podcast

art and weed

Yep. You read it right. There was an art market at a pot shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And people were there buying art and getting high. It was quite the experience:

Ep.73 | The Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market: A Podumentary… Creative Ops

SWITCHERS by Christopher Tallon

Not just any pot shop, mind you, but the only locally owned and operated dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m talking about Pharmhouse Wellness. I brought my podcast gear to this last one (July) and interviewed attendees, vendors, a budtender, and one of the co-organizers of the art market.

I’ve been selling my book, Switchers, at the art markets in June, July, and I’ll be at the last one on August 20. You don’t have to go to the art market to get my book, simply click the link for info, reviews, and ordering details.

art and weed
Original Flyer

Click on the IG post for links to all the interviewees from the art market:

And if you’re curious to learn more about Pharmhouse Wellness, go to their website, check em out on Instagram and Facebook, and, by all means, light one up and listen to the owner talk about how that shop came to be; it’s a great story:

Ep.56 | Casey Kornoelje – Grand Rapids’ Only Local in the Cannabis Game Creative Ops

Casey Kornoelje is the sole owner of the only locally-owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You might ask, "There are so many dispensaries…how is Pharmhouse Wellness the only local one?"  Great question. Listen for the answer to that, how Casey got into growing in the first place, how the shop came to fruition, and what his plans are for the shop and the community around it going forward. . . . Check out Pharmhouse Wellness on their website,, on Facebook @pharmhousewellness, and on Instagram @pharmhousewellness. . . . Follow the show and its host at and on all social media @TallonWrites. . . . And leave a review AND a rating for the show wherever you download podcasts. Thanks!

Take care of yourselves…you crazy kids.


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