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The Pharmhouse Wellness Chronic(les)

Locals do it right when it comes to the weed game. Grand Rapids, MI, based Pharmhouse Wellness kicks ass! Meet some of the crew.

Creative Ops: The Dispensary Episodes

dispensary podcast episodes

Listen to the dispensary themed episodes on Creative Ops wherever those pesky podcasts are.

All the Cannabis-Themed Episodes

I’ve done a few podcast where cannabis was the main/co-main topic of discussion. Here they all are so you don’t forget…🤦‍♂️

Art Market at the Pot-Shop Podcast

art and weed

A podcast covering the best Art & Cannabis event of all time.

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Art & Weed: A Day at the Art Market

art and weed

I sold books and art at an art market behind Pharmhouse Wellness, the only locally owned and operated dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and recorded podcast interviews with several people there. It was fun!