10 Episodes of a Great Podcast for Writers!

Hey folks.

Jody Sperling, writer and host of Cre8 Collabor8.
Jody Sperling, host of Cre8 Collabor8

Looking for a podcast about writing? Look no further!

I was recently interviewed on a podcast called Cre8 Collabor8, hosted by fellow writer Jody Sperling, who you should also be following on Twitter, if you aren’t already.

Anywho, we talked about writing, marketing, and a few other things. I’m not 100% sure when that episode will release but while we wait for it, here’s a few recent episodes of the podcast to get familiar with:

Last 10 Episodes of CRE8 COLLABOR8 w/ Jody Sperling

Building A Brand Through Influencing with Thomas J Bellezza The Reluctant Book Marketer

Thomas J Bellezza is a musician, author, influencer, coach and podcaster. He's so much more. In our discussion, Thomas talks about how to brand beyond the book. He cares, and you should be too.Got cold hands? Check out the Writer's Glove and use my code TRBM to get 10% off!Want to banish writer's block forever? Order Writer's Block Coffee and use my code TRBM to get 10% off today.Join my newsletter for all the best stuff. C'mon! Do it.

Ten Percent of Something is Better than One Hundred Percent of Nothing with Adam G. Fleming The Reluctant Book Marketer

Adam G. Fleming discusses his upbringing on a strawberry farm, his fiction, which you can find on his website, and his experience marketing. We’ll talk to him again in June to learn how his book boxset for the Satchel Pong Chronicles impacted sales. This coming week, from April 29th to May 6th, the box set will be on sale for a blazing $0.99!!! Buy a copy Friday or forever regret the loss. I mentioned my friend, Mary MacDiarmid, and if you’re interested in learning more about her writing and marketing journey, look her up on twitter at @marymacdiarmid1.As always, please join my newsletter for the insights on the Marketing Mindset you won't find anywhere else.Support the show

Committing to Your Writer Persona with Writing Coach Beth Barany The Reluctant Book Marketer

Beth Barany has more going on in one day than most of us do in a week. She maintains a killer author site  where you can learn roughly everything there is to know about her work, mission, and audience. You can go directly to her coaching site to learn about how she coaches authors of all skill levels to produce the best book possible. And she's got a school for genre writers who love community and learning at their own pace. Her blog chronicles all things Beth, and if you want to find her on social media, her links are here:  Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram.To purchase any of her books, click here.As mentioned, I have a link here to Daring To Tell by  Michelle Redo, and if you want to read the insightful essay mentioned at the end of Melanie Brooks's episode, catch it here.As always, join my newsletter for more great content.Support the show

How to Deal with Family and Friends Who Don’t Support Your Writing The Reluctant Book Marketer

Hey, I want to start with a few shout outs to some new listeners. JME Bell, thank you for the support and kind words. I hope you find an ever-increasing audience for your book, Vas Solaris – Expedition Hope. To all of you listening, if you’re into speculative sci-fi, check out a link to her work here in the show notes. I also want to thank Aimee Louise for the encouraging note last week. Came at a low moment for me, and those kindnesses go such a long way. If you want some great book reviews, check out Aimee’s blog.Family and friends are great until you become a writer then they turn into gremlins. We have no choice but to deal with it. In this episode, I'll talk about how we do that.I mention a great writer, JP Vallières.  Buy his book, THE KETCHUP FACTORY. He is the most interesting writer working in Idaho today.If you're curious about my recent guest appearances, I interviewed on The Impromptu Gameplan. What a zinger of an interview! Loved the discussion, and you will too.Or check out my first ever video interview with David about how I landed my literary agent.Support the show

2000 Quality Twitter Followers in 25 Days The Reluctant Book Marketer

Anyone can follow 10,000 profiles on Twitter and get 2,000 followbacks, but those followers aren't quality followers, and you just wasted 10,000 clicks of your thumb.This episode of THE RELUCTANT BOOK MARKETER teaches you how to get 2,000 followers on Twitter who want to read the book you wrote. Don't believe me, email jodyjsperling@gmail.com and I'll send you a screenshot of my Twitter analytics. Twitter has rewarded me with three-quarter of a million impressions over these twenty-five days, and that's no mistake.Anyone can replicate this method and see their numbers skyrocket.If you'd like to use this and other methods to boost your novel sales, join my newsletter today.Support the show

Give Your Book Away For Free with Rich Hosek The Reluctant Book Marketer

Click here to visit Rich Hosek's website for special content today, Wednesday April 6th. Or if you're seeing this later, check out his website for up-to-date promotions, news and information on publications.You need to buy his books, and they can be found here. Seriously, buy his books.Listen to his podcast, Written by Rich Hosek.Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.Rich has written for numerous television series with his writing partner Arnold Rudnick including, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Star Trek: Voyager, and The New Addams Family for which they won a Leo Award for Best Writing for Comedy or Variety. More recently he has been focusing his efforts on novels and short stories. He is a fan of Legos and Doctor Who, and now that there is a Doctor Who Lego set, his life is complete.—And because we discuss my mailing list where I'll send you a free guide on how to get a literary agent in the next ninety days, here's a link to that. Sign up. Seriously. You'll thank yourself.Support the show

Standing Your Ground As A Writer with the Tiger Rules The Reluctant Book Marketer

Every writer has feared failure and futility at some point if they’ve been at it long enough. Some people are scared more often than others. I’m scared at least once a week. It’s not uncommon for me to feel confident, in-control, and destiny-bound one day only to feel defeated, confused, and hopeless the next.And all the uncertainty can take its toll over time. So today, we’re going to cover three ways you can stand your ground when fear comes knocking. I call them the tiger rules because it’s always good to have a ridiculous name to remember things by. And plus, tigers are cool.Support the show

How to Know If You Wrote A Great Novel The Reluctant Book Marketer

Hey, if you’re listening to this episode but you missed part 1. I highly encourage you to scroll back on your trusty phone or computer or radio dial and check out Pt. 1 of my literary agent series, “The Surprising Solution to A Perfect Agent Query Letter”. Because we’re going to race through everything I talked about there, even though you’ll come back to it when it’s time to start querying.So, to quickly catch you up, the key to finding an agent, to publishing meaningfully by any means, and to live the literary lifestyle where your writing pays the bills—all of them—is building a loyal platform. It doesn’t matter if you have ten-thousand followers on Twitter if no one engages with you. You’d be better off with a thousand raving followers who retweet, share and comment on your every post than you would be with a million followers who never check your profile. Support the show

Finding Balance as An Artist, Writing Professional, and Friend with Todd Robinson The Reluctant Book Marketer

Todd Robinson is a tenure track professor, a poet, a neighbor, and a socialite of extreme gregariousness. If you're looking to hear a podcast host embarrass himself for an hour and enjoy the contrast of a guest who hops past landmine after landmine, you're in the right place. When you fall in love with Todd Robinson's view of life, you'll want to buy his book of poems, Mass for Shut-Ins.If you're a novelist, short story writer, or a poet who feels you don't fit the mold, if you're a writer who wants to know how serious writers live, what challenges they face, or simply how writing can be a cure for what ails, this is the episode for you.You've heard David Philip Mullins ad for The Brightest Place In the World and Greetings from Below, and you should definitely pick up copies of his book as well.Support the show

The Importance of an Editing Mindset with Debbie Burke The Reluctant Book Marketer

Can you find a great editor through your social media groups? How do you know what makes a good editor? Do you need one before you shop your book? What if want to publish traditionally? In this interview with Debbie Burke, you're going to get a masterclass in editing and how a editor and writer approaches improving her own work.Check out all of Debbie Burke's writing here, and buy all of her books.Learn more about her editing and services on her website.Support the show

I hope you give the podcast a listen, then come back for more whenever my interview drops!

Take care. And be creative!


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