“How the f**k did the New York Times find my book? Oops, can I say ‘f**k’?”

TJ Tranchell author

Hey folks!

I recently hosted author (among other things…) TJ Tranchell on my podcast, Creative Ops. At one point, he was talking about how the NYT named one of his books the scariest book that takes place in Utah (they did one for every state, with folks like Stephen King being also on the list) and he went through his thought process at the time, saying, “[see title]”

I didn’t know about any of that when horror author Jennifer Soucy–a mutual friend–introduced me to TJ as a possible editor for my own story. (More on that another time.)

Before I made a decision to ask TJ to edit for me, I read his book, Tell No Man, which came out on the heels of his other story from the title quote, haha.

Tell No Man is a Mormon “dispossession” story, in the same spirit as some Catholic exorcism stories–but Mormon!

It was an amazing read. Loved every page.

So I hired him to edit my book. Then asked him to be on my podcast. The result was this:

Ep.54 | TJ Tranchell – Author of TELL NO MAN (and others…) Creative Ops

Author, Actor, & Academic, TJ Tranchell came on the podcast to discuss his book TELL NO MAN, as well as his writing process, upcoming projects (so exciting!), acting, teaching at a community college, dropping out of school, providing professional writing services, and much more. Check out his website: http://www.tjtranchell.net Buy his books on Amazon, I highly recommend TELL NO MAN. Look for him on Instagram (@t.j.tranchell), Facebook (@TJTranchell), and Twitter (@TJ_Tranchell). Thanks to TJ for the chat, thanks to you for listening in, and HUGE thanks to anyone who will or has left a review AND rating on Apple podcasts or wherever you get the show. Enjoy!

Check out the show. See what classic American movie TJ is going to be a strange, awesome part of! And read the man’s books. They. Are. Faaaaantastic.


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