Music & Writing: Author Joshua Marsella Hosts the New Podcast WRITERS ON WAX

WRITERS ON WAX - a music & writing podcast hosted by author Joshua Marsella

Joshua Marsella, host of the new podcast WRITERS ON WAX

Hello good people.

I’m excited to write this one to announce that my friend and two time podcast guest, Joshua Marsella, has a new podcast coming out soon. You might have read about him in Independent Authors of the Future. There’s a trailer for his podcast out now:

If you’re not familiar with the fella:

Joshua Marsella Bio

joshua marsella, author and host of WRITERS ON WAX

JOSHUA MARSELLA is a Maine native. He started writing his first novella Scratches during the height of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and hasn’t stopped since. He lives with his wife, Aryn, and their two sons, Lucca and Lennon, in his hometown. He served in the US armed forces including a tour of duty in Mosul, Iraq from 2004-2005. He later went on to attend The University of Maine at Augusta where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Human Services in 2016. Since then he’s worked as a stay-at-home dad which is when he started writing at night.

JM’s Amazon Page

If you’d like to hear Joshua Marsella in a full length conversation before you commit, try the two episodes of Creative Ops he was on. The first time was a pretty standard author get-to-know-ya-style interview. We talked about all kinds of stuff. The second one was focused completely on the how-tos of successful self publishing. Check them out here or download them wherever you get podcasts!

Creative Ops | Ep.38 | Joshua Marsella – Author of ”Scratches” and ”Severed” Creative Ops

Joshua Marsella is an Army veteran turned stay-at-home dad and horror author. His books "Scratches" and "Severed" are making a lot of noise on the indie horror scene. We talk about his military experience, struggles and triumphs with mental health, and OF COURSE his creative process as a writer. Books, films, adaptations, Stephen frigging King, military stories, dad stories, being a creative writer, and lots more. Such a nice guy. I hope you enjoy the interview and decide to check out one and/or all of his books. Lastly, be on the lookout for his collection HUNGER FOR DEATH when it becomes available on Halloween 2021 (mwah-ha-ha!). . . . SOCIAL LINKS Joshua Marsella on: Instagram Twitter Amazon Links  

Creative Ops | Ep.45 | A Beginner‘s Guide to Self-Publishing w/ Joshua Marsella Creative Ops

Hey folks! My writing buddies who are farther along in their careers are helping me out with some publishing DOs and DON'Ts. As I get good advice, I'll share it. Here's bits of a phone conversation I had with the amazing Joshua Marsella. So listen up if you're thinking of self-publishing, or if you're curious what goes into it. Follow Joshua Marsella on social media @JoshuaMarsella on Twitter, @joshua_marsella on instagram, and buy his books on his Amazon page! Thanks everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! (Even to the Canadians!)


Joshua Marsella’s new podcast is called WRITERS ON WAX.

This is a podcast by hosted by a writer, guested by other writers, and together they talk about all things related to barefoot hiking.

Ok, it’s about writing. But not just How do you write? type questions that I might ask. They’ll speak more specifically about how music influences them and their writing. You’ll hear writer talk, music talk, and at least one adorable Maine accent.

(Don’t tell him I called his accent adorable. Or do. I don’t care. He’s not that much bigger than me…)

Marsella describes the podcast thusly:

A place where authors sit down with host Joshua Marsella to discuss their musical writing influences.

Podcast Website

Subscribe & Listen to WRITERS ON WAX with Joshua Marsella

Subscribe now to get new episodes right when they come out. He has several interviews done already waiting to be released, so you won’t have to wonder, New podcast…is this person gonna quit after 3 or 4? And, for you visual learners out there, he plans to upload the video to YouTube.

Please support this fine fellow in his new podcasting venture, and abso-friggin-lutely go buy his books, e-books, and audio books on Amazon! I just finished Scratches and it’s delightfully terrifying.

Good day, folks. I SAID GOOD DAY!


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