Behind “The Process”: Writer’s Must Find Their Place (Literally)

I don’t mean it like find your place in life. Or even the writing game.

It’s me we’re talking about–what could I possibly offer in that regard?

I’m here to talk about…

Finding a Place to Write

I know. You’re probably gonna be all, “Writer’s can write anywhere.”

Fine. Whatever. You’re not wrong. But I still don’t like you. (I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean that.)

So, if you haven’t already observed as a faithful reader of my blog, I’m a stay-at-home dad. I work while I’m home. (If writing counts as “work” (ay-ay-aaaay, I’m on vacation, every single day…).) I work on my new novel, put together some short stories, write my blog, and write some other people’s blogs. Could be a lot worse.

Get to the point, a-hole…

Yeah, yeah. So I used to do a big chunk of my writing in the upstairs living room. But then I started a podcast. Have you ever listened? I had a TV producer guy, academy award winning special effects dude, comedians (one of whom is taping a full hour special soon!), musicians, artists, business people, digital creators, and more. It’s only for people who don’t suck at everything. Do you suck at everything? Well, you do if you don’t listen to Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people, by creative people), so…

Ep. 82 | Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market Creative Ops

  1. Ep. 82 | Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market
  2. Ep.81 | Jacqueline Gray Miller – Writer, Producer, & Creative Chameleon (So Many Things…)
  3. Ep.80 | Jody Sperling & Kenny MacKay – Networking & Marketing
  4. Ep.79 | DIY Growing Your Soul via CrEaTiViTy
  5. Ep.78 | Marston Hefner – Author of ”High School Romance” Reflects on Writing, Gaming, and His Famous Last Name
  6. Ep.77 | Shawn Burgess, horror writer and author of THE TEAR COLLECTOR and its new prequel SOUR ROOTS
  7. Ep.76 | Ashley Nash – Illustrator & Muralist on Passion, Purpose, and Event Planning
  8. Ep.75 | Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily.
  9. Ep.74 | Megan Smith – Art, Social Media, & Weed
  10. Ep.73 | The Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market: A Podumentary…

OK, that’s it. I’m leaving if you don’t get to–

OK! Geez!

Before my podcast, I did almost all my at home writing (here) in my living room. But I set up a desk in the basement for all my podcasting shit. The idea at the time as that I would just do all my shit at that desk.

But then I realized something. (Months later.)

I. Hate. Writing. Downstairs.

Can’t put a finger on it. Not as much light? Wrong energy? Maybe it’s haunted by an ancient spirit that thrives on the anxiety of sexy bald guys?

Or maybe I just can’t mentally separate my podcasting from my writing without having separate places for each activity.

Whatever it is doesn’t really matter I suppose. The important thing is that my creativity is flowing much better up here. I wrote the beginning of a new short story, revised the intro to the book, and wrote this. So, until kids come around and ruin everything again (I’m almost 100% kidding) I’ll keep working up here.

Then maybe I’ll live off the land in the woods in the summer…(?)

In Closing:

If you feel stopped up creatively, find a different location. See if that doesn’t do it. At least try that before saying, “Dang it all to poop…I QUIT!”

Talk atcha later you creative sonsabitches!


Christopher Tallon -  writer and host of the podcast Creative Ops

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