This Is the Last Time I’ll Talk about It…

I promise.

I really enjoyed my marketing conversation with two of my other author/podcaster buddies (niche group, right?) last week on Creative Ops–a podcast for creative people. Please give it a listen. It’s a real time marketing meeting between some independent creative types trying to use one another for listener leverage. Find that win-win, baby!

Ep.80 | Jody Sperling & Kenny MacKay – Networking & Marketing Creative Ops

Three podcasts are represented on this one: The Reluctant Book Marketer, Author Your Dream, and (duh…) Creative Ops. Jody Sperling, Kenny MacKay, and I let you in on a marketing meeting between podcasters. Jody and Kenny are both in the business of helping authors grow their audience. Now we're trying to grow our own. . . . Jody Sperling, THE RELUCTANT BOOK MARKETER @jodyjsperling on Twitter and Instagram  . . . Kenny MacKay, AUTHOR YOUR DREAM @PodcastAuthor on Twitter; @author_your_dream on Instagram . . . Get my book, follow me on the interweb, and see who's been on the show at  

Please look deeper into Jody’s podcast (The Reluctant Book Marketer and Kenny’s podcast (Author Your Dream). And mine! Ya big silly.

Later on Creative Ops


Shortly I’ll be dropping my interview I recorded a few weeks ago with Jacqueline Gray Miller. Jacqueline also sometimes goes by “JG”, specifically while on-air with Roy Wood, Jr, on his podcast Roy’s Job Fair–a podcast described thusly:

Work is like sex or food — you’re either getting it or looking for it. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. (correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah) explores the human condition every week through the prism of employment.

Later today. Jacqueline Gray Miller, aka JG. Writer. Podcaster. Producer. Humanitarian. Former government worker and college professor. Now kicks it at the Emmy’s.

It’ll be a fun listen. For real this time.

OK. All done. Time to life your life. BE CREATIVE TODAY!

And buy my book. Please. Stephen King doesn’t need you like I need you…!!!


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