7 Best VISUAL Podcast Episodes Out There

a talk in the attic, the best visual podcast in the world

There’s a podcast coming out of the small, midwest city of Grand Rapids, Michigan that has really been setting itself apart from the rest. How, you ask? (Trust me–you ask.)

First, Kirk Ross, creator/host of A Talk In The Attic, built a full studio in his attic–hence the name.

Every podcast episode A Talk In The Attic drops on your favorite podcast platform (oh yeah, they’re everywhere baby!), they also put out a visual podcast episode on their YouTube Page. Sometimes, for example when there’s a one on one interview, the visual is pretty straight forward: guest cam, host cam, talky talky talky.

But there are other episodes where creativity is on full display, and for those, Kirk pulls out all the stops and creates more than just a podcast. See for yourself…

Awesome Visual Podcast Episode #7:

bicycle day: the origin story of LSD A Talk in the Attic

Trippy music and unique visuals provide a surreal backdrop for an educational episode dating back to 1941 Switzerland. Get a taste for Kirk’s quirky sketch comedy in the opener before diving into Albert Hoffman’s first-ever acid trip.

Awesome Visual Podcast Episode #6:

a word from our fake sponsors A Talk in the Attic

An episode highlighting fake companies as potential advertisers for this otherwise ad-less podcast. See graphics for companies like Turn the Page CrossFit, which repurposed an old Bill Knapp’s and turned it into a CrossFit gym just for geriatrics.

Awesome Visual Podcast Episode(s) #5, #4, and #3:

In three acts: An 80s-ski-movie-inspired melodrama about Kirk and his friends’ annual ski trip to Schuss Mountain in Bellaire, MI. Vast improvements in his light animation style are evident in this 3-part series about competition and friendship. And feminism, of course.

The Ski Trip 3: Battle for Schuss Mountain, Act 1 – A Reunion of Rivals A Talk in the Attic

The Ski Trip 3: Act 2 – Fool Me Once… A Talk in the Attic

The Ski Trip 3: Act 3 – The Finish Line A Talk in the Attic

Awesome Visual Podcast Episode #2:

Kirk provides a glimpse into an upcycling process that turned a thrift-shop frog painting into an acrylic rendering of one of his favorite creative heroes, Marc “Loop Daddy” Rebillet. The painting was ultimately gifted to Marc’s official videographer, Taylor IG: @video_jesus.

Awesome Visual Podcast Episode #1:

Nunzio's Big Night Out: A Children's Story A Talk in the Attic

Kirk’s first foray into animation yielded this adult-themed children’s storybook episode, a fictionalized retelling of his family pug’s adventurous escape from home.

Get ready for THIS FRIDAY when Kirk will drop his newest visual gem in a podcast about his Electric Forest Festival experience. It’s sure to kick some ass, so enjoy everything here for now. Think of it as an appetizer for this Friday!

And if you like what you’ve heard and seen here, which you have (trust me), then please go ahead over to A Talk In The Attic and like/subscribe/review. It actually helps a lot more than you’d think.

Peace out, yo.


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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