Playing to Your Creative Strengths

Derek Mohr and Christopher Tallon on Creative Ops

I talked to a creative fella named Derek Mohr the other day on my podcast:

Ep. 63 | Derek Mohr – Developer, Designer, Artist, & Good Dude Creative Ops

Derek Mohr is a Grand Rapids, MI based artist who works as a developer and designer. We talked about his early interest in art and technology, traced his path to professional status, talked about some of his projects, and stuff creative people deal with, go through, and chat about with other creatives. By day Derek works for an agency called Might In The Midwest. You can see more about Derek and the things he does at .     .     . Catch Derek On.. Instagram: @onemohrtimedesign Twitter: @OneMohrTime Dribble:

Derek Mohr on Creative Ops

Derek Mohr
Derek Mohr

We talked about how he turned a talent for drawing into a career of computer-based art and design. Derek and I discuss going to school, being neurodivergent, the pros and cons of being creative people, writing, making time to do things, and getting stuff done.

And a lot more; we talked for almost an hour and a half in all. Check it out!

Oh! If you’re an e-book kinda person, pleeeeease consider pre-ordering my book Switchers, a time travel novel. Learn more about the book and where you can get it here!

No shame in my game, I’ll plug my book all day, son. ALL. DAY.

K. See ya later.


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