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Hey folks,

You may or may not know, but all the music on CREATIVE OPS is original. I wrote and perform all the music on the show, the only exception being the song at the end of each episode. That was made by Kirk Ross from my brother podcast across town, A TALK IN THE ATTIC. He sampled my laugh and a little bit of me talking and put music to it. I loved it so much that I use it to end all the shows now.

I did a podcast episode about the music on the podcast, and some of how I make it. The secret is mostly GarageBand, but I play the actual guitar in a lot of the songs, too. You can listen to that episode here to hear all the music I created for the show. Ya know, up to that point in time:

That episode doesn’t cover all the songs you’ll hear on the latest episodes, so I thought I’d make a list of all the songs. Keep in mind that with the titles–I didn’t put much thought into them. So if you’re wondering why the songs are called what they’re called…

No real reason.

The file needed a name and that was the first thing that came to me. What can ya do?

So here’s all the songs. Another thing to keep in mind is that I use the songs to signal a conversational transition. That’s why they’re all pretty short; you only hear them for a few seconds at a time.


Music from the Podcast

“Longsleeves” aka Original Intro Music. All instruments actually being physically played by me (no GarageBand on this one) and also me singing, circa 2006.

“Doodootootoo” aka New Intro Music. All GarageBand

“Bright Noise” GarageBand drums, real guitars.

“Drum and Bass” I use this to introduce the interview. All GarageBand on this one.

“Fun Song” (It IS a fun song…)

“Hoopty” (I have a version without the guitar as well, but I like the guitar on this one. Some cools sounds, if I may say so.)

“Little Jazz Number” I wrote this song on the guitar around 2004-05. Originally recorded it for the Jazz & Wine episode, but used it since. A lot.

“Nifty Tune” Goofing around on the guitar, started playing this, thought it sounded alright, and recorded it for the show. GarageBand drums.

“Now What?” No reason for this name. Just needed one, like I said earlier… All GarageBand.

“Off to a Shaky Start” I recorded and layered several guitars on this one. I love the surfy vibe. GarageBand for drums only.

“Something Or Other” All GarageBand.

“Stupid French Horn Song” It has a stupid french horn in it so… Real bass, everything else GarageBand.

“Weird Song” This one has been said to sound like an old 90s WWF intro song. I love that connection. Real guitar, GarageBand drums.

“Our Wives Got Paid” A collab with Kirk Ross from an episode of A TALK IN THE ATTIC. I single out the guitar solo from this fairly often. (Sorry Kirk…)

“HA HA HA” is the only song I use that I didn’t technically at least help make. My voice was sampled in it, but the rest is ALL Kirk Ross. This is the show the closes every episode. Thanks Kirk!

That’s it, kiddos. I hope you enjoyed the music. Give one or five of the latest podcasts a listen and see how the music gets used:

Goodbye, folks! (For now…) Creative Ops

Find me, Christopher Tallon, slinging my novel Switchers in-person the next few weekends: September 8 & 9, 5p-11p, After Dark Art Market, Canal Park in Grand Rapids, MI (shout out to Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts for the event) September 16, 10a-1p, Author's Alley, Hyne Alley, Brighton, MI (thank you to 2 Dandelions Bookshop for the opportunity) .   .   . Goodbye, folks! (For now…) I'm not "ending" the show. Let's be clear there. I just need to free up time. I'm in the middle of writing another novel and I still have yet to record the audiobook for my first novel. So I'm going to be doing those two things mainly in the time previously spent booking, recording, editing, and promoting the podcast. HUGE THANKS to all the listeners who got a copy of my debut novel Switchers. You guys are amazing, creative, supportive people. I appreciate you very much. For the first few months, you were the only audience I had. I hope you'll stay subscribed so we can catch up when the show returns. And I might do an episode here or there while on hiatus. There are people and things I still want to talk to and/or about. And I'll probably use the podcast to give updates on the new book as it progresses and whatnot. Stay creative. Thanks for listening. I'll talk to you again.   Your friend in creativity, Christopher Tallon  
  1. Goodbye, folks! (For now…)
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Later people!


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