CREATIVE OPS Is Gonna Start Putting Interview Videos on YouTube!

Yup. Not just the audio, as I have in the past. The most recent one, episode 52 with author Joshua Marsella will be the first full one. Here’s a short little promo:

Here’s the whole thing, with minimal edits, and without the fancy pants intro and outro:

Joshua Marsella made his third appearance on Creative Ops recently. On his first appearance, we talked about his books, writing process, and general background. The second time he gave a master class on how to successfully self-publish. This time he’s talking about his podcast, WRITERS ON WAX, a podcast where writers talk about the music that shapes them and their creative process. And much much more!

It’s definitely worth a listen. He started by publishing 6 interviews, so it’s already a binge-able affair.

Please check it out. And if you refuse to check it out, slap yourself (hard), stop being a jackass, and unf**k yourself. Then listen.

Thanks folks. Support Joshua Marsella’s new podcast and also buy his books.

Later homies!


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