What Do I Need to Do (And to Whom) to Get A Podcast Review?!?

a podcast for creative people, by creative people

Hey folks.

It’s me, Mario! Just kidding. It’s Chris.


Today I come to you humbly asking for a favor. My podcast is called Creative Ops, and I would be thrilled off my goddamn rocker if you would review it on Apple podcasts (or wherever if you don’t have an iPhone).

Why Leave a Podcast Review?

Because it helps the podcast get seen by more people. Or so I’m told. The way I understand it, the more reviews (positive or negative) that people actually take the time to write, the more likely it is to get recommended.

Why Do I Care?

Because creative people like to have a receptive audience to delight with their creations. Same applies here. I’m trying to be consistent with releases and to upgrade my interviewing and post-production skills.

Can I Just Rate It?

That’s great too, but that tiny little review goes a lot farther. Even if it’s just a poop emoji.

How Do You Write a Podcast Review?

First, go into your podcast browser.

Find CREATIVE OPS. (It’s the one with the upside down trees that says Creative Ops…)

Click on it.

After you click on it, scroll all the way down until you see Ratings & Reviews.

There you can click on the stars to rate the show. Then leave a review.

It won’t take long and it’ll mean a lot to me.

Thank you in advance.

And don’t forget to check out the show. I’ve had some fun guests and I’m really excited about the next couple interviews!

See ya around!


Christopher Tallon -  writer and host of the podcast Creative Ops

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