3 Steps to Free Books (A Podcast Giveaway!)

Jennifer Soucy novel giveaway!

I’m going to interview Jennifer Soucy. Again! This time I’ll be better at hosting a podcast, and hopefully it’ll feel more like a hangout. That’s coming out next week. Subscribe to the blog for updates on the show, including up to date emails the moment a podcast goes out.

Now, for the reason you’re here: you want a free book. Maybe even a few free books. Well that’s perfect, because Jen is going to give away some books after she does the podcast.

If You Want the Book(s), Here’s What You Do:

#1 Take Screenshots of These:

#2 Post Them to Your Social Media

Make a post for each, or put them together. Say something (hopefully positive), tag me and Jen:

  • (Jen’s fav) Twitter:
    • @TallonWrites
    • @bansheetales
  • (My fav) Instagram:
    • @christopher_tallon
    • @therealjenwah

#3 Give Us a Week Or So after the Interview Airs

Jen and I will look through the posts we’ve been tagged in. We’ll give away a few single novels to folks who get our attention. Whoever blows us away will get a full set of Jennifer Soucy novels!!!

One Last Thing…

Listen to Creative Ops, check out the social links, holla, and all that shnazzy stuff.



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