Badass Writers to Watch for in 2021

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Howdy Folks!

If you’ve been here before, you may have known that I, Christopher Tallon, am the host of Creative Ops (a podcast for creative people, by creative people). If not…well, I am.

As the year winds down, I wanted to tell anyone who will listen, to give some books a shot in 2021. Or 2020, if you read fast.

Jennifer Soucy

I had Jennifer Soucy on the show awhile back to talk about her book Demon in Me. This book has romance, addiction, family dynamics, rock and roll, and…monsters? It’s so good! You can listen below, or visit the show’s website.

Since this interview, she’s published more, and has a couple books coming out in 2021. If you like writers who write as fast as you read, and write killer shit on top of that (literally and figuratively), check Jen out at Pleeeeeeeease!!!!

Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott is a writer of fun, dark, supernatural tales. He was on the show talking about his Vodou Series. I’m through the first two, Vodou and Sleight, and am waiting impatiently for book 3.

Brandon is keeping busy as well. He has several titles availble in both novel form, as well as short story anthologies. Definitely check him out!

Go get these writers! They have multiple books out, and plans for plenty more!

And, of course, listen, subscribe, and all that nonsense.

I think I’ll have more to say before the new year, but if not:



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