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Behind “The Process”: Sentence Design 101 (The Art of REARRANGEMENT)

Words not coming out right on the page? Don’t toss it out! You might only need to tweak a sentence or two. Here’s how I rework a sentence that doesn’t flow right…

Behind “The Process”: FAQ from the Internet writing community

Christopher Tallon fields writing questions from the internet writing community.

Long Sleeves (a poem)

Hey, folks. So I used to play in bands, write songs, and all that fun stuff. Don’t have the time for it anymore, but this was always one of my favorite originals to play. So I figured, might as well share it, now as… Continue Reading “Long Sleeves (a poem)”

Behind “The Process”: Just Kill Em Already (Editing)

Don’t freak out–it’s just a euphemism. I’m referring to the quote all English majors are familiar with: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” – William Faulkner There are plenty of writers’ resource websites out there that break this down. What makes mine… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Just Kill Em Already (Editing)”

The New Fear

On a warm, bright summer evening, as my age was approaching double digits, I walked with my big sister. We had just finished dinner and were now on our way down the street to a friend’s house. The proudly edged and mowed grass stood… Continue Reading “The New Fear”