Behind "The Process": Writerly Wisdom from an Amazing Author–Jennifer Soucy!

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I did my first podcast interview of the quarantine era. We had to do it all remotely–producer in the studio, me at home, the guest at home, all connecting on a streaming app. Not the ideal way to connect, but, given our present situation, it’s what we’re doing for the foreseeable future.

All that aside, I was incredibly excited to talk to horror novelist Jennifer Soucy. I was a little more than halfway through her book, Demon in Me, when she came on the show. We talked about her book, writing, the expectations and pitfalls of being a female writer who doesn’t sugarcoat the female experience, and all kinds of fun, interesting stuff. I implore you, go buy Demon in Me on Amazon, like, right now. You can do so here. You should also go to her website:

"Demon in Me" book cover
How cool is that cover, folks?

Writerly Wisdom: Jennifer Soucy

  1. Read all the time.
  2. Writing is like a muscle that needs a regular workout, so do it every day.
    1. Jennifer commits to at least 500 words/day. More when the gettin’s good.
  3. Write your first draft to completion before you start editing.
  4. When it comes to getting published, don’t give up. She said she must’ve queried 100 agents before landing a small press deal. Rejection is just part of it.
  5. Network!
    1. Social media is a great way to meet writers, readers, and in JS’s case, she got her first deal from a Twitter pitch party. (If you don’t know what the eff that means, listen to the podcast.)

Oh, there’s more…

She’s got a ton of stuff in the works, so save her website, follow her on social media, and read her new book, Demon in Me. I swear, you guys–it’s one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. Very strong, powerful writing. You’ll love it.

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Stay safe and healthy, folks. We’re in it together!

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