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Hey folks!

I’m here 100% because I want you to buy my book. Hey, I’m just being honest. It’s called Switchers and it’s about a group of teens in 1996 who get pulled into a time travel war against their adult selves.

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Live Switchers Reader Reaction

I recently had a guest on my podcast. We met at an event where he was performing and I was selling books. We hit it off and he grabbed a copy, which he then had this to say about it when I said people call me “that writer guy”:

You’ll find more info about Switchers HERE, or you can…

Click here to go to the Amazon page for the book!

Watch me talk about Switchers on television and YouTube

Buy Switchers on Amazon!

(Read Switchers for free if you have Kindle Unlimited!)

You can go to the Amazon page and get the paperback or ebook. The ebook is free if you have Kindle Unlimited. And don’t feel bad, I still get some money on it. They base it on how many pages the reader reads. I dunno…

Buy Switchers on Barnes &Noble (.com)!

you can go to my B&N.com page for a copy, if you’re a B&N member and get discounts. If not, you’re better off getting it from Amazon as it’s priced a bit cheaper there.

Buy a signed copy of Switchers from Christopher Tallon (.com)!

If you buy if from me you can get it signed and personalized for the same cost as Amazon plus the standard shipping costs.

Buy Switchers at Grand Rapids’ only locally owned dispensary, Pharmhouse Wellness

That’s right. Go in the lobby and they’re conveniently placed next to the ATM. And I have QR codes so you can pay by app or credit card. Or you can give the budtender cash and they’ll hold it for me. Whatever works, yo.

Rent Switchers from the Kent District Library

My book is in the KDL here in west Michigan. I’m pumped. If you’re local to west Michigan, go to your library and ask them to get it on loan (if they don’t have a copy of their own in your branch).

K, I got nothing else…

I’ll talk to you good people later. OH! I just put out another podcast:

Ep.97 | Jason Tieri – Podcaster Extraordinaire Creative Ops

Jason Tieri (TEER-ee) is a podcaster from west Michigan. Actually, he's kinda my podcast mentor. (And beard guru.) He got me into podcasting. Hear what it takes to start a podcast, some techy stuff, some how-to, and us just kickin it.  This was a fun one, especially if you're a podcaster, you're thinking about podcasting, or you just like a peek at how it's done. (Recorded in the Hey Guys Media Group studio. Click the link to learn more about them and their podcast services!)

Alright. NOW I’m done.


christopher tallon, author of switchers

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

You better shut your trap / When my dogs around

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