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Ep.85 | Andrea Shaner – How to Be on TV! Creative Ops

Andrea Shaner is the producer of the Fox17 Morning Mix in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s a “West Michigan lifestyle show with a little bit of everything from weather to local shops to crafting” that’s on every M-F starting at 9am EST.

Andrea started in high school AV, dreamed of being a meteorologist, became a news producer, then developed the Morning Mix. Here’s her story and insights for creatives trying to get FEATURED on TV, not just a how-to  for those seeking to work in the television industry.

Andrea Shaner Links

Instagram: @andreamshaner

Facebook: @andrea.shaner.1

Fox17 Morning Mix Links

IG: @fox17morningmix

FB: @MorningMix17


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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

My brother called me up said he saw me on TV / I said it wasn’t easy, but right now I’m living breezy
Built this engine from the ground up / Now my hands they ain’t so greasy, feel me?

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